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UK: Xbox Stolen in Milton Keynes By 5ft 2inch White Man with a Shaved Head

The Police in Milton Keynes (UK) have launched an appeal after an Xbox went walkabouts in the area. It has been allegedly stolen by a white man in his late 30’s who is of slim build and 5ft 2inches. He has a shaved head and stubble. The burglary is said to have took place in […]

Epic Games Confirm Unreal Engine 4 Is Running On Next Gen Consoles Already

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein has dropped the next-gen bombshell by confirming that their mighty engine which powers hit games such as Gears of War, and Batman Arkham City is already running on next gen hardware.

Will the Next-Gen Xbox Console Be Named: XBOX 8?

The hype for a next-generation Xbox console is well and truly hotting up; more-so since the news hit that Microsoft are rolling out production of developer units that feature an Oban chipset manufactured by IBM.

Microsoft Confirm No Xbox 720 for 2012

Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no new Xbox console release for 2012; so if you had been hoping for a surprise E3 announcement unveiling a new console to buy this year – it’s just not going to happen!

Xbox 720 Rumoured To Have Blu Ray and Be Anti-Used Games

Gaming Industry Sources, usually family members and friends of the gaming industry workforce who just can’t help but leak news to various communities (as we have known from first hand) have informed Kotaku of certain features for the next generation Xbox console.

Next-Gen Xbox 720 Chips Go Into Production

We may be lots of things on this side of the internet – Call of Duty addicts, gaming news enthusiasts who just have to know everything about everything when it comes to the Xbox 360,

E3 2012 – The Next Xbox To Be Unveiled in LA

It has been reported to MCV that for the first time in it’s 17 year history, the annual E3 expo in June this year will unveil three next-gen rival consoles, same time, same place – the Wii U, as well as the next generation of Xbox and Playstation consoles.