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Xbox One Media Remote Control Due Out March


The Xbox 360 was no stranger to a few remote control’s for it’s DVD player and Media Centre, and if you thought the Xbox One had escaped its own remote control – think again! Amazon had listed an Xbox One Remote Control with an image stating a release date for March 2014.

It’s a minimalistic design and will retail for around $25.00, but considering you can control Xbox One functions with voice, gesture, smartglass and a controller – do you really need the remote control for your movies and music? Really?

If this floats your boat, we’ll keep you posted on a European release when Microsoft make any official announcements.

Thanks Engadget

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All Xbox One accessories are available for pre-order now from participating online retailers and in stores. The Xbox One release date is expected to be announced during Gamescom on August 20th.

We’ll keep you informed in due course fellow gamers!