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Microsoft announce the Combat Tech Special Edition Xbox Controller

Microsoft have announced the third controller in the Tech Series, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Combat Tech Special Edition. The Xbox Wireless Controller – Combat Tech Special Edition embodies a traditional army colour palette with its classic Military Green base colour (the same Military Green offered through Xbox Design Lab), bright orange accents and military […]

New Xbox One Controller announced

Microsoft have announced a new Xbox One Controller as part of their new ‘Tech Series’ controllers. The first in the series is the Recon Tech Special Edition. It will cost £59.99 and will be available on May 4 in the UK. The Xbox team was inspired by military technology and performance patterns, exploring concepts stemming from combat […]

Xbox One gets two Shadow controllers

Are you bored with your plain old standard Xbox One controller? Is the solid black colour just not classy enough? Fear not, Xbox Live’s very own Major Nelson has revealed two new funky controllers coming to the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Argentina on March 22nd. It will then be released in other select […]

Remap the buttons of your standard Xbox One controller

The Xbox One Elite controller is Microsoft’s ultimate controller and by using the Xbox One Accessories app, you can remap buttons, set trigger and thumbstick sensitivity, and control a whole host of other options. Some of that level of customisation is now available to all controllers. The Accessories app can be launched directly via the app, or by going to the settings […]

The Xbox One controller is getting a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack

If you ask any Xbox One owners what they would like to change on the controller, it would be the fact you need to spend another £25 on the chat adapter to get your headset working. Well they can rejoice at the fact that new controllers will come with a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack. In fact […]

Phil Spencer reveals controller adapter

The news from GDC comes thick and fast. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has announced a new gadget that will allow you to use your fabulous Xbox One controllers on your Windows PC. This will be a wireless adapter so no messy cables to get in your way while playing your Windows games with your […]