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Destiny – The House of Wolves screenshots leaked


Recent information has appeared on Reddit supposedly showing leaked screenshots of the new Destiny House of Wolves expansion. The source, Megamanexe4, has a good reputation of posting information and in the past has supplied news on new weaponry and missions within the game before it’s officially announced.

As we can see from the screenshot it clearly shows The Reef as a new social space within the game.  There was rumors when the game was in development back in 2013 that such an area would exist giving guardians an alternative to the Tower but when nothing appeared in the final release most people thought it had fallen through the cracks. Even though we don’t know what and how this area will be used, it’s good to see The Reef being used for something apart from a one-off cut scene.

The moon seems to be popular again for quests and we can see  a level 30 Nightcrawler quest and a level 28 Belly of the Beast Strike, giving opportunity for guardians to get back into the thick of it again. The Belly of the Beast Strike apparently occurs when “A Fallen Wolfship holding an infamous Walker has touched down in the Ocean of Storms. Breach the Ketch and see to this Walker’s end.” Sounds promising.

As always though this is all speculation and we’re still awaiting Bungies announcement of when The House of Wolves expansion will be officially released. The word on the street at the moment seems to show mid May, but as we know things can change very quickly in a game.

Far Cry 4 – Valley of the Yetis release date announced

far cry 4

Our friends at Ubisoft have just announced the release date for the next DLC pack in its gripping Far Cry 4 game. The expansion places you on top of a mountain, stranded with no immediate way off. You find a camp but have to battle for it, defending it from waves and waves of a strange mysterious cult. You think your alone but you’re mistaken, something lurks in the dark, you are in the Valley of the Yetis.

The new Far Cry 4 DLC Valley of the Yetis is a pure fight for survival and the choice is yours, do you take on the fight alone or with a friend. Will you survive and make your way off the mountain and will you discover the mystery behind the yetis.

The Valley of the Yetis DLC will be available on March 10th and comes as part of the Season Pass, otherwise you can buy it separately. This looks like another great addition to the already existing DLC’s and if you are itching to find out more check out the trailer below.

Play Battlefield Hardline early with EA Access


If you happen to be an EA Access member then you are in for a treat as the Battlefield Hardline trial is arriving on March 12th.

Members will be able to jump into the game for a full 10 hours, playing both single-player and multiplayer before the games official release date on March 17th. The trial will let you play the prologue and first chapter of the single player and all the multiplayer maps and game modes, allowing you to experience content never seen before. However unlike the beta, all progress you make will carry over when the live release hits.

EA Access is the exclusive subscription service where you receive discounts on EA games, but also have access to the vault, a selection of the best EA games that are free to play and download.

Battlefield Hardline is available now to buy and pre-download, and will be officially released on March 17th.

Fable Legends will be free to play


Residents of Albion! Did you hear the news?

#FableLegends will be free to play! Head to our website for more information about this exciting announcement!:

— Lionhead Studios (@LionheadStudios) February 26, 2015

You read it right, Fable Legends will be free to play on Xbox One (with an active Xbox Live Gold membership) and for Windows 10.

So what does free to play actually mean for Fables Legends? Over on the official Fable Legends website the developers; Lionhead Studios, laid out three commitments:

Open – You’ll be able to play Fable Legends from beginning-to-end without spending a penny. That means you’ll have access to the entirety of Fable Legends’ storyline and all of the quests Lionhead Studios release in 2015 and then… forever. Fair – Everything in Fable Legends that affects gameplay can be earned by simply playing the game. Generous – Lionhead Studios have a clear goal to have a happy community of players. To that extent they’ll be updating the game with exciting new quests to play through, Heroes to play as, Villain creatures to control, and lots more.

Playing Fable Legends, either as a Hero or Villain, will earn players Silver. This Silver can be spent in-game on a selection of goodies that make your Hero and creatures more powerful.

As with all free to play models, there will be a real-world money option also. Players will be able to purchase gold to use in the same way as silver. Lionhead Studios have said this gold can be used to ‘purchase many of the items that are also available for silver’. This could potentially mean that real-world money won’t open up all items to players to retain a sense of fairness.

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Pure Hold’em comes to Xbox One


Indie developers VooFoo Studios, the team behind Pure Pool have announced that Pure Hold’em is coming to the Xbox One. Based on Texas Hold’em the game brings the excitement of the Casino to your living room and players will have a choice of 4 different skill tables from the novice Jokers table to the pro Aces and Masters.

Pure Hold’em will support full online multilayer of up to 8 players and will allow the player to fully customise the tables, cards and chips they use.

VooFoo Studios in collaboration with Ripstone publishing have delivered some strong titles in the past and we have high hopes for this game. I just hope it lasts longer than the many attempts we have seen in the past on the 360.

Pure Hold’em is scheduled for release later this year but in the meantime check out the teaser trailer.

Payday 2 will include “a year’s worth of paid DLC” for free


Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, releasing this June, will include almost all of the paid and free DLC released so far.

You will be able to pre-order the game’s digital version now at a 25 per cent discount and also receive the Hard Time Loot Bag, a pack of exclusive in-game items, including an exclusive mask, red dot weapon sight and bundle of in-game cash.

There is a suggestion that those who already own the game on the 360 may get the game even cheaper but nothing has been confirmed yet. Will you be pulling off bank jobs on the Xbox One in June?


Project CARS pre-orders to get access to dream machine


Announced today, if you pre-order Project CARS from selected retailers you will get your hands on a one-of-a-kind car, the RUF CTR3 SMS-R. Up until now this car has been a closely held secret and is the collaboration of Slightly Mad Studios and the famous sports car company RUF.

The RUF CTR3 SMS-R is a race spec’d version of the already existing RUF CTR-3 sports car with stripped down interior, highly tuned engine and bespoke bodywork. This car created by the highly skilled engineers at Slightly Mad Studios, shows just how video games and reality are pushing the boundaries.

Casey Lingley (vehicle lead) explained;

“We wanted the bodywork to reflect our idea of what Ruf would really do if they were to make a track-only version of the CTR3, very much like what Pagani did with the Zonda R. As a result, none of the bodywork is excessively extreme and it takes a lot of cues from modern GT3 class cars: dive planes at the front, swan neck rear wing, aggressive diffuser and other little details that are normal for a car that is honed to perform on the track.”

If you want to read more on how the engineers created the RUF CTR3 SMS-R using technology that modern racing teams use today then you can check the rest of the article out here.

This car is exclusive to Project Cars, so if you want to get your hands on it then get pre-ordering now.

LA Cops: Getting the Job Done is almost here


West Yorkshire based Team17 today announced via twitter that their action 3D top down shooter; LA Cops: Getting the Job Done, will be making it’s way to Xbox One as planned, very soon.

LA Cops: Getting the Job Done. Coming to PC & Xbox One soon. Would you be a good cop, or a bad cop? @LACopsGame

— Team17 (@Team17Ltd) February 25, 2015

Team17, partnered with Modern Dream, have already made 5 missions available via STEAM Early Access . Together they are taking 70s cop themed top down shooter, LA Cops, to the max with a release on console and PC. Right on!

Back in 2014 Ollie Claire, Director at Modern Dream, had the following to say;

We’re thrilled to be working with Team17 to bring LA Cops to multiple major gaming platforms. Their vast industry experience, professional attitude and hard work ethic matched with a determination to succeed makes them the best partner we could hope to have for LA Cops. We’ve been playing Team17 games for as long as we can remember and it’s a privilege to be a part of the story.

Watch the trailer above and enjoy the screenshots below then go on, send us and @Team17Ltd a tweet, will you be a good cop or a bad cop?


Dying Light “My Apocalypse” Collectors Edition plus zombie house


In preparation of the UK retail release date of Dying Light on the 27th February, Techland have announced the very limited “My Apocalypse” Collectors Edition. I say very limited as there is only one copy available to pre-order for UK-based customers exclusively from GAME, and with a price tag of £250,000 I’m not surprised.

So what does £250,000 worth of game get you;

    Custom built Dying Light Zombie Home by Tiger Log Cabins Zombie avoidance parkour lessons with Ampisound, the team behind the internet smash Dying Light Parkour POV video Be The Zombie match with devs where you win so you can brag to your friends how “leet” you are Trip to Techland in Wroclaw, Poland, to meet the dev team and party with Steve the Zombie Consultant Your face skinned onto your Night Hunter character model Dying Light branded night vision goggles + adult diapers for the night portions of the game x4 signed Steelbox editions of Dying Light x2 Top of the line Razer Tiamat headphones Human sized Volatile figurine to use as a deterrent on human raiders

So the main item that stands out from this amazing list is the Dying Light Zombie Home. The house is “fortified zombie apocalypse-proofed” and comes fully equipped with an upper deck, an escape hatch and don’t forget the arsenal storage area for all your zombie killing weaponry. The house also comes with live-in amenities and a living area with TV, an Xbox One, and the latest sound system. All this built to order by UK-based Tiger Log Cabins.

The Dying Light “My Apocalypse” Collectors Edition is available to pre-order now from Game

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Date set for GTA: Online Heists

GTA Heists

After what seems an eternity of speculation, rumors, delays and teasers, Rockstar officially announced today that Heists will be coming to consoles on March 10th.

In the official announcement on Rockstar’s newswire it stated;

“We are excited to announce that the launch of Heists for GTA Online is scheduled for March 10th. We know it’s been a wait, and appreciate your patience. Heists will bring a brand new 4-player cooperative gameplay experience to GTA Online, giving players the chance to team up to pull off a string of intense, multi-part raids and robberies across Los Santos and Blaine County. Over the next couple of weeks, we will have more information about the launch of Heists and about other new features that we will release with it.”

So great news for us but not so great for PC players who once again suffer delays and wont be able to get their hands on the game until mid April.

In the meantime he is a quick reminder of what to expect.