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TiX crowdfunding spotlight issue #8


Where has the time gone? Issue #8 of the TiX crowdfunding spotlight is here. This week’s edition (written while listening to this week’s ThisisXbox Podcast) focuses on two unique titles; IZLE an action-adventure RPG from Area Effect and HUSH a challenging action-adventure video game about our childhood fears from London-based Game Studio 78. First, it’s time to catch up on the projects we’ve been following.


It seems the momentum has almost come to a complete stop for Dedication Lab and their campaign; RUMP! The last time we checked in with these guys they had only managed to raise an extra $300, seven days later and they’ve only managed to raise another $200 or so taking them to a grand total of $14,752. At this rate we’ll be unlikely to see RUMP! make it to the $50,000 grand total they require.

Once Bitten Twice Dead! is the zombie first-person title from Dark Day Inc. I’m honestly gutted to report that funding was unsuccessful on Kickstarter. The campaign only managed to raise $734 AUD towards their goal of $20,000 AUD. Since the project failed, they haven’t posted any updates, but we wish Dark Day Inc. all the best and look forward to hearing what’s next from them.

Near Future Fiction writer, Henry L. Sullivan III wants to bring American Father’s Podcast to as many listeners as possible. Steve Downes (the voice of Master Chief) is one of the many high-profile voice actors involved in this Kickstarter project. Unluckily for Sullivan and Downes, the project has failed to attract the attention it deserved. The campaign failed to come close to the $30,000 it required barely making it to $3,000.

Outward from Nine Dots is the Adventure Life Sim as featured » Continue Reading.

Star Wars: Battlefront release date leaked


So the latest rumour in the Star Wars: Battlefront saga is that we might be looking at a potential release date of November 17th

A NeoGAF user by the name of Salromano spotted the date within the source code on the Star Wars: Battlefront website. The text hidden within one of the pages stated “The latest news and updates for Star Wars Battlefront. Available November 17, 2015 for the Playstation4, Xbox One and PC.”

This week has been full of news and speculation around the game and earlier in the week on twitter Xbox Marketing Manager, Aaron Greenberg said that Xbox One EA Access Subscribers will be the first to play Star Wars: Battlefront. Add to this the little sneak peek of the game at the end of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer yesterday and it seems everyone is gearing us up for today’s official game trailer release.

If you missed last nights showing of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer, you can view it here.

Otherwise check out the link to the official Star Wars: Battlefront site and get ready for the official trailer release today.

New Hero revealed for Warhammer: The End Times Vermintide


Fatshark, the independent developer working on Warhammer: The End Times Vermintide has today released information on the first of the five playable heroes within the game.

Enter Victor Saltzpyre, an expert in both ranged and melee combat and trained from an early age in the Order of the Silver Hammer, this ferocious Witch Hunter disposes of enemies with extreme prejudice. His diverse set of weaponry and the ability to switch from sword to pistol means Victor can quickly dispatch hordes of Skaven on the battlefield with precision and ease.

Check out the teaser trailer for the game below.

TiX crowdfunding spotlight issue #7


In this bumper edition (issue #7) of our crowdfunding spotlight we’ll be taking a look at We Happy Few, the story of a small group of moderately terrible people, who must survive in a doomed, happiness-obsessed, dystopian society until they are able to get the hell out. Outward an open world RPG with a focus on simulating the life of an adventurer – not a legendary hero. And not forgetting Frizzy, a classic platformer with wild next-gen mechanics, already approved for an Xbox One release and just needs additional funding. But first as normal, lets dive straight into our catch up section.


We’ll start with some good news shall we? The awesome Enigma Escape, the live escape game experience hoping to open up in London has been funded! Asking for £5,000 the brains behind this extraordinary venture managed to raise £5,599 which is fantastic news. We can’t wait for Enigma Escape to open and we’ll be seeing you all there soon.

On to some bad news (sorry), and we’ll start with the RPG from Zenrock Studios LLC; Wormhome City. It was looking for $7,500 to get development kicked into overdrive but time has run out and they attracted just 67 backers pledging $1,331 between them. Zenrock have been extremely gracious in their defeat and vowed to come back later in the year with a new campaign, better rewards and a more structured, thought out marketing campaign. Good luck guys, we look forward to hearing more from you.

Gamer’s Edition has been heavily featured on TiX social media channels, we love their concept you see. If you managed to miss one of our updates, we are thrilled to announce that the Hotline Miami bundle went into production during the middle of last » Continue Reading.

NHL 15 snap shots its way into the Vault



EA Sport’s hard-hitting hockey game NHL 15 is the latest title to join the EA Access Vault. Currently the program is only available to Xbox One owners and with the number of free to play titles now up to 10 the Vault is really starting to look value for money.

At £3.99 per month or a full year at £19.99 the EA Access Vault not only gives you some great titles to play for free but also delivers discounts and early access to some of the newer titles to joins EA’s portfolio, the recent one being Battlefield Hardline.

So are you tempted yet…?

Neverwinter review – part two


Welcome back to our three-part Neverwinter review. If you landed here without first reading part one of our review, then I suggest clicking this link! In this second part I’ll be taking you through the more complex gameplay modes including general questing, skirmishes, dungeons and of course PvP. Sit back my adventuring friend, grab an ale from the barkeep and let’s begin.

Neverwinter starts off by introducing you to questing in a similar way as all other RPG’s and MMORPG’s alike. In the case of Neverwinter, your character is washed ashore after the ship you were sailing on was destroyed during the attack upon the city. You wake up, find some basic equipment and get to helping the Neverwinter Guards mop up the last of the attackers. This introductory quest line will push you towards the city itself and ultimately the main social hub of the game; Protectors Enclave. These initial quests introduce you nicely to the progression system within the game.

Your primary goal in an MMORPG is of course the development of your character. You can play through the game a number of times, as different classes and/or races therefore experiencing ever so slightly different quests, but guaranteed you’ll be doing it to make that character the best it can be. Obtain the highest level equipment or win that legendary mount you saw another player dash on. Neverwinter features the same character progression system in which players earn experience points for their actions as other traditional RPG’s. Questing in and around Neverwinter will see you in combat with monsters and completing quests for NPCs, either alone or in groups of friends (maybe even in a Guild – but more on that in part three).

General questing will take » Continue Reading.

Tower of Guns review


Dozens of cannons and other firearms popping into existence and firing volleys of shells, spiked balls, saw blades and other projectiles directly at you, a quirky set of stories, menacing robotic monstrosities, neat power-ups, and procedurally generated levels. Welcome to Tower of Guns.

Tower of Guns revels in its stiff challenge and oodles of flying projectiles. After starting in a quiet room, and even getting a little target practice against adorable little robots that want nothing more than a hug, it’s off into the unknown you travel. You open the door in front of you by shooting it, step through and it closes behind you, as it does, the room fills with all manner of guns and robotic foes; they swivel towards you and fire an incredible volley of deadly projectiles. It’s your job to survive and fight back, destroying everything, collecting the goodies they drop, before venturing into the next randomly generated room and doing it all over again.

Eventually you’ll come across a boss, a hulking great robotic entity with immerse firepower. Destroy it and you’ll find a lift which takes you to the next floor of this insane tower, where once again you fight through multiple chambers to a boss. Die and it’s back to square one.

Indeed, Tower of Guns delivers wholeheartedly on its title. The monolith you need to ascend, full of oversized guns that mean to shred, explode and puncture your frail body , is a very difficult challenge to overcome. But there are rewards you can collect, even in death.

As you destroy the guns and robots that litter each chamber, they’ll drop red orbs for healing, blue orbs for levelling up your weapon, coins for purchasing additional equipment and abilities, and occasionally power-ups. Maintaining your health not only keeps you » Continue Reading.

Neverwinter review – part one

Neverwinter Featured Image

Finally the time has come for the heroes of Neverwinter to rise up on Xbox One. Neverwinter is a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) free-to-play MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing game for those unfamiliar with the term. If you’ve never heard of this, think World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. Developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World, it was released back in June 2013 for Windows PC and March 31st this year for Xbox One. Based in the fictional Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter, Neverwinter is a standalone game and not part of the previous PC series Neverwinter Nights.

Being what I would call a typical MMORPG, there is an awful lot to cover in a review so I’ll be breaking our review down into three parts. The first, the one you are reading, will look at the setting, races, classes and in-game currency model. The second and third parts of the review will look at some of the more in-depth game play mechanics including the detailed profession and crafting system, the economy including the Auction House and various currencies (excluding Zen) and banking. We’ll also take a look at Guilds, Skirmishes, Dungeons and much more. These will all be released over the next few days.

Moving on, let’s start by dealing with the elephant in the room which is the free-to-play model the game has adopted. Being a cynical person, I always cringe when thinking about any MMO that states it will be free-to-play but to be fair, it’s not as bad as I originally thought. The game itself is completely free to download and play (an active Xbox Live subscription is required). You can play for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so on and so forth. Never a charge.

» Continue Reading.

Shiftlings review


We all are familiar with platform games, navigating up, over and around a series of obstacles to collect objects that open doors or portals and Shiftlings is no different in that sense. However add to this the interesting mechanics of flatulence and you have a slightly different take on the genre.

Shiftlings, developed by Rock Pocket follows the story of two alien janitors on a hidden camera reality show. The opening scene sets the mood when one of janitors finds a bottle of the fizziest drink in the universe and downs it in one. Now, I believe we have all done this at least once in our lifetime, and as expected the escaping gas causes him to balloon up in his suit. Now this is amusing in itself but because the janitor duo are attached to one another via an air supply hose this allows them to effectively pass the gas from one to the other. It’s good to share you know.

Now we are past the initial toilet humour, I can start to focus on the game – Shiftlings is an absolute stunning platformer that has visuals that you would expect to see in a Pixar or Disney movie. The levels are vibrant in colour and the detail is stunning, making you feel really immersed in the world you are playing. Your main task when controlling the two gassy janitors is to guide them through a series of maps filled with levers, ramps, moving parts and all sorts of obstacles. But don’t be fooled with the easiest routes, they aren’t always the right ones, so you will need to use some brain power to solve the problems barring your way. So just how do you go about guiding the gassy duo through the game?

Shiftlings » Continue Reading.

TiX crowdfunding spotlight issue #6


Another week is over and with it potentially the dreams of those looking to fund their projects through crowdfunding sites like KickStarter and IndieGoGo. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this feature, so please do get in touch either via the comments section below, email or on Twitter. Let’s get to it!

Catch-up time.

With just two days to go, the new RPG from Zenrock Studios LLC, looking for $7,500 towards the development of their Sci-Fi title; Wormhole City, is going to fall quite a way short of their target. I am massively disappointed by this, but unfortunately it’s just the way crowdfunding goes.

Looking again at Gamer’s Edition, things could be a little better since last week. The Hotline Miami bundle is just under 75% funded whilst the Papers, Please bundle is still way behind. Hopefully with a big push these guys will get at least one of the bundles funded so that we get to see what their next project is at least.

Once Bitten Twice Dead! is the zombie first-person title from Dark Day Inc. There are still 12 days left to run for Dark Day Inc. but they’ve yet to gain any real traction. Take a look at the KickStarter page here and leave a pledge if you like the look of this indie title.

With a full week since our last update the 3D jump and run game RUMP! has raised just over a $1,000 dollars bringing the new total to $14,207 towards their $50,000 target. With 25 days left on IndieGoGo, there is still plenty of time for Dedication Labs to turn things around.

New last week was The American Father’s Podcast on Kickstarter from Near Future Fiction writer, » Continue Reading.