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Giana Sisters: Dream Runners review


Earlier in the year we took a look at upcoming multiplayer speed running title Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, and found its offering of superbly designed, and strikingly detailed levels of thrilling acuity a splendid experience. Dream Runners has now hit digital shelves, but have the few glitches and oddities we found in its preview build been ironed out?

Marvellously it seems they have, and Dream Runners looks, feels and plays superbly. The simple focus of a four player race around a complex, looping level is full of exciting competition, as well as frequent and intense platforming risk/reward decision-making and combat, offering precisely the kind of experience titles of this ilk feed on. It’s a compelling mix that can take hook of a party of players for quite some time, complimented by excellent level design and variety to keep the experience fresh.

You and up to three additional players take to a level and race around it over endless laps, with racers who fall off the edge of the screen being eliminated and the surviving lone player scoring a point. First to three points wins. Power-ups are strewn across the levels, offering temporary boosts to your character or a weapon to launch against your opponents, meanwhile, a refillable sprint can be charged by passing through certain specific areas of a level, and an intractable fireball ability can boost you forwards and save you from elimination but is also at risk of causing you to bounce unfavourably and hurt your progress just as much; it’s a very clever addition.

Multiple paths subtlety branch within each level offering different obstacles and/or collectible power-ups for you and you foes to compete for, and choosing which path to take as you’re dashing through the level is a curtail aspect of the tactics and » Continue Reading.

Octodad Dadliest Catch Review


I was warned beforehand, but I failed to grasp how viral it truly was. Day and night it now dances around my subconscious like Bez at a Happy Monday’s reunion party. Of course, I’m referring to the frustratingly catchy theme tune for Octodad : Dadliest Catch. (Damn you Ian McKinney)

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is the direct sequel to the 2010 game created by the team who would go on to form Young Horses. Reprising the role of Octodad, the titular cephalopod in a 3 piece suit, you must undertake your day-to-day parental and familial duties without arousing the suspicions of those around you. This is easier said than done given your appendages are distinctly lacking bones and moving on two “legs” requires significantly more logistical planning. You must navigate household chores, shopping trips and excursions with your family without alerting anyone to your anthropomorphic illusion, all the while avoiding the machinations of the returning antagonist Fujimoto, the sushi chef who can see through your disguise, and will stop at nothing to expose you to the world.

Controls are extremely simple. The left stick controls the horizontal movement of your “arm” tentacles, while the right stick controls the vertical. Holding down the Triggers transfers this movement to your “leg” tentacles, allowing you to move. Finally, the A button allows you to grab items when controlling your arms. Although straightforward in design, in use these controls are a different kettle of fish. (Nautical idiom intended).

Using these controls you must achieve relatively simple tasks, things like: putting on a coffee, mowing the lawn, hang a birdhouse, or collect the items on a shopping list.

These challenges are difficult, complicated and sometimes downright frustrating, but utterly achievable despite your pendulous movements, but balancing this with your detection meter is » Continue Reading.

Exclusive Rock Band demo playable at EGX


Gamers Are Invited to Play the ‘Full Band Experience’ With All-New Hardware and Latest Tracks

EGX, the UK’s largest games event has today announced that Rock Band 4 will be playable at EGX this 24th – 27th September.

Featuring a world-class soundtrack of more than 60 tracks, access to more than 1,500 additional songs through the in-game Music Store and the ability to import and play previously purchased Rock Band tracks within the same console family at no additional cost, Rock Band 4 is the next generation of the award-winning social and interactive music gaming platform, launching on 6th October.

At EGX, visitors will be invited to play together as a band and enjoy an all-new UK pre-release playable demo of the game.

Mad Max TV Commercial


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today released a television commercial for Mad Max™, featuring in-game footage that showcases the chaotic, action-packed, open-world Wasteland.

Mad Max is an open world, third-person action game where players become Mad Max, a lone warrior in a savage post-apocalyptic world where cars are the key to survival. In The Wasteland, it’s every man for himself. Playing as the reluctant warrior, players must embark on a treacherous journey to build the ultimate war vehicle and leave the madness behind.

Rugby League Live 3 official trailer


The next  Rugby League instalment from Tru Blue Games and Big Ant Studios, will be available from 17th September in the UK courtesy of Alternative Software.

We are delighted and very excited to be releasing another quality Rugby League game in the UK

said Roger Hulley Managing Director Alternative Software Ltd,

Plus this time it is of even more interest to Rugby League fans, as it will be the first time their favourite sport has appeared on New Gen

Rugby League Live 3 includes an improved Career mode and “Be A Pro”, where players can take a Forward or a Back through the ranks of an U20 team into a full professional squad. Players can view and get right into the action through a vastly improved Instant Replay System including super slow-mo and user defined camera placement.

Enhancements of online play include filtering by locality and Online Tournaments have been implemented. As well as dynamic time of day lighting with full sun movement and weather system giving dusk to night progress and mid game rain – resulting in a more realistic Rugby match day experience.

Rugby League Live 3 has all the latest rosters, team uniforms and rule changes, which are all updated from the 2014/2015 season. Players have a wide variety of teams to choose from, with over 100 teams from Rugby League competitions around the world, including the NRL, Super League, Holden Cup, and many more.

Toy Soldiers : War Chest launch trailer


Ubisoft have today released the launch trailer for the latest release in their Toy Soldiers series.

Toy Soldiers: War Chest (standard edition) includes four armies and is available as a digital-download only.  Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame edition includes an additional four licensed armies to those available in the standard edition and will also be digital-download only.   These four licensed armies will be available as individual downloads or all together in the ‘Legendary Heroes’ Pack.

The licensed armies are assembled below. G.I. JOE Marching into the toy box is a highly trained special mission force, codename: G.I. JOE. Led by brave field commander Duke and armed with an arsenal of weapons, this team works together on the front lines to stop evil in its tracks.

He-Man Enabled by the power of Greyskull™ is the Masters of the Universe™ army led by He-Man™, The Most Powerful Man in the Universe™. Gifted with unimaginable strength and fearless courage, He-Man, Battle Cat™ and his Eternian warriors team up to protect the Eternia toy box from the forces of darkness.

Cobra Commander Trained in explosives and martial arts, and backed by the support of a fanatical army comprised of a deeply loyal infantry, the Cobra Commander army will not hesitate to take on any opposing faction. With a mix of brute force, advanced technology and fierce tenacity, the Cobra Commander army is a force to be reckoned with on the ground and in the skies.

Ezio Gifted with a prowess in parkour, stealth and charisma, Ezio and the Assassin’s brotherhood team up to create a fierce alliance of justice and protection. An ancestor of Desmond Miles, the charming Florentine Ezio Auditore da Firenze is a master with the hidden blade and the ladies.


Toy Soldiers : War Chest is available now.

» Continue Reading.

Submerged review


As submerged opened for the first time, I had high hopes the story seemed interesting and world it was setting had me intrigued, unfortunately I was left feeling mostly let down.

Submerged tells the story of a wounded boy and his older sister, Miku, wash up on the banks of a sunken city on their boat. Miku’s brother is injured and she has to carry him to s tone plinth for him to rest on, before needing to rest herself. After a short time she reveals she needs to find supplies to help her brother recover.

There are supplies all over the city, but they sitting on top of hotels, libraries and other city buildings. Miku must explored the city in her boat and find her way to the supplies. She has a telescope that gives you the ability to find crates which are then added to your map, there are secrets to find around the city too, which reveal more of how the city became submerged. There are also upgrades for your boat which allow you to boost your boat’s speed for a certain amount of time.

To get to the crates and secrets you will need to find a way to access each building, before taking on the climbing puzzles. It all feels like very Assassins Creed as you make your way up, but without any of the fun. Miku’s body feels lifeless as she climbs and no there is no fear factor as she can’t fall off. I used the world puzzle because you have to work out the route to get to the supply crates, it’s not as simple as just climbing up to the top of the building, you’ll have to double back on yourself to access different ledges. I never found them too » Continue Reading.

New trailer for indie game Caffeine

Featured Image - Caffeine

You awaken aboard a caffeine mining space station to find yourself, a young boy seemingly all alone. The only thing you know for sure? Something bad has transpired here…

Confused and alone, you start to explore this seemingly derelict space station finding cryptic notes and messages everywhere you look, could these be clues to what has happened?”

Caffeine, the sci-fi horror from Incandescent Imaging is expected to arrive this year on Xbox One.

In preparation for the launch, a new gameplay trailer has been revealed at Gamescom.


Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians review


Threaks, the German Indie developer who unleashed Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardian to critical acclaim on PC back in 2013 have now re-imagined their initial release for the Xbox One. I got hands on to find out why, and if, it deserves the praise lavished upon it.

You play as Beatbuddy, one of three eternal, ethereal, slumbering beings; that according to legend dream music into existence on the world of Symphonia. You are awoken by your sister Melody, who informs you that the temple in which you now lie is being desecrated, and your other sibling, Harmony, has disappeared chasing down the culprits. You must venture out into the world of Symphonia, find your family, and put a stop to the nefarious Prince Maestro who is trying to take control of the music of Symphonia.

Being a puzzle adventure game, it carries with it some tropes that appear difficult to omit entirely. The world is an underwater playground with twists, turns, and dead ends; and hidden away in some of these are the atypical collectables. Throughout the six levels and 30 chapters are ensconced both beatpoints and Relics, which contribute towards unlocking extra content stored in the main menu.

The first thing that strikes you when you play is how synchronized the world appears. Very seldom have I encountered a game where the musical overtones and flowing score are so readily to the front of your mind, but with the flora and fauna of Symphonia acting as the source of the music itself, it is quite easy to just stop and enjoy the sound of the world as you pass through it. Even Clef, your wayward Symphonian companion narrates sections of the game with a vocal scratching, beatboxing style that is simultaneously grin-inducing and annoying in equal measure.

Gameplay and controls have » Continue Reading.

Xbox @ gamescom – DVR for Over-the-Air TV


Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will add live TV-recording to its suite of capabilities in 2016

You will be able to schedule recordings from your Xbox One or other Windows 10 device, stream to other devices in your home or download to watch on a Windows 10 device while on the go.

I’ve been looking forward to this feature for a while, shame I have to wait a bit longer…