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New Xbox One owners still getting dashboard tile image problems


The Xbox One has been out since November 2013, and yet a common problem still remains largely unaddressed or supported by both Xbox and BT. New Xbox One owners get an imageless dashboard – the tiles load, but no game or advert images load – a blessing and a curse!

The problem could eventually be resolved in the upcoming dashboard revamp, but for now, those using BT’s homehub 5 are primarily affected and may find that their dashboard tiles remain blank unless they do one simple thing – open up the Internet Explorer app!

When launching Internet Explorer on your Xbox One, the BT homehub page should automatically load and all you need do is follow the onscreen prompts and login to your BT account. Once you’ve done this, and selected which options you’d like, reboot your console and just like magic the dashboard tiles will load!

Happy gaming!

UPDATE: If you want to go one step further and stop the homehub from misbehaving with other devices, be sure to check out this article and disable Smart Setup – thanks Gunzta!

Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat available later today


Later on the today during the 7AM PDT maintenance window (3PM GMT), Perfect World Entertainment & Cryptic Studios have announced that Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat will be available on Xbox One. The content update will be released alongside an update that aim to improve player experience across the board. These include an onscreen mini-map, performance upgrades, adjustments to queuing and more.

Neverwinter players may now explore the all-new Well of Dragons adventure zone while battling the harbingers of Tiamat, queen of the dragons, in the first of five free expansions Xbox One players can expect in 2015 at no additional cost.

Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat follows the events of Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons campaign and the recent Siege of Neverwinter event. Along with new quests and heroic encounters on the path to completing the final chapters of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign, players can anticipate the upcoming 25-player battle with five-headed draconic goddess Tiamat.

With Neverwinter being one of the first MMORPGs to come to the Xbox One, we wanted to ensure that our game lives up to the idea of a living world.  Rise of Tiamat is just the beginning of our continued support for our game on consoles as we look to deliver more dungeons, dragons and game optimizations that our players want.

said Rob Overmeyer, executive producer of Neverwinter. You can read our full interview with Rob Overmeyer here.

Check out the trailer and new screenshots below.



Predator coming to Mortal Kombat X


Series creator Ed Boon, renowed for teasing us with announcements on Twitter, tweeted this week saying

Recreate the Predator Movie (Komplete with Carl Weathers Jax) in Mortal Kombat X. Koming Soon…

This was accompanied by the screenshot below, clearly showing Predator and Jax squaring off against one another.

Predator will become the third DLC character to be released sometime in July following Jason Vorhees and Tanya. All three characters along with Tremor were previously confirmed to be a part of the Kombat Pack DLC, the pack can be purchased via the Xbox store here. If however you don’t want to purchase the pack or the individual character DLC then you will just have to be patient as all new DLC characters may be playable in the future in the game’s Challenge Tower event.

TiX interviews Neverwinter’s Executive Producer Rob Overmeyer


We were recently invited to interview Rob Overmeyer, Executive Producer on Neverwinter for Xbox One. If you haven’t rolled your character and got stuck into Neverwinter yet, you can read our huge three-part review here: Part 1, Part 2 and finally Part 3.

This is Xbox (TiX): When you aren’t busy working, and you are enjoying free time playing Neverwinter yourself, what race and class are you? Which is your favourite?

Rob Overmeyer (RO): I play all the time! My main is a Halfling GWF currently 2.7k on PC and a Halfling TR climbing the ranks on Xbox. I really like the GWF in group play and while I may not top the DPS charts I have been able to pull out a win in several dungeons after seeing most of the party go down. As for Xbox, although it’s a bit FotM to run a TR as my go to for PvP. I’m not running perma or anything but I like catching a cleric out of position and giving them a surprise. I also like the stealth-battle gameplay that can play out once in a while at a CP. Backcapping to find yourself in a 1v1 with another TR can be a lot of fun.

TiX: Describe to our readers what your role is day-to-day in terms of Neverwinter for Xbox One, including future Xbox One updates and DLC launches.

RO: I am the Executive Producer of Neverwinter PC and Xbox. Most of all my days are pretty busy and when I am not planning future modules and game direction, analyzing the business and looking at what we need to improve in the live game I am playing Neverwinter. My day usually consists of meeting with the team, leads and publishers to » Continue Reading.

United Kingdom becomes partner country of Gamescom 2015


The United Kingdom has today become the official partner country of gamescom 2015.  As such, under the direction of the United Kingdom trade body, Ukie, one of the highest turnover markets of the computer and video game industry and one of the biggest locations for the development of video games in Europe will take centre stage at gamescom.

Aiming to support, expand and promote the whole of the United Kingdom’s games and interactive entertainment industry, Ukie with over 260 members supports developers and publishers of computer and video games from promising start-up companies through to the big studios, platform holders and multinational publishers.

gamescom and Ukie have enjoyed a constructive and very stable partnership for many years. In 2015, with the United Kingdom as the partner country we are setting a further milestone in the cooperation and are reinforcing gamescom as the leading European business location of the computer and video games industry. We are delighted to have won over the United Kingdom under the direction of Ukie as the official partner of gamescom.

explained Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse.


We’re delighted to be partnering with BIU to make the UK the official country partner for this year’s gamescom and to once again run the official UK stand at this year’s gamescom. gamescom is Europe’s premier stage for UK companies to meet business partners and investors from around the world. With record numbers of UK businesses attending and the UK being confirmed as official country partner thanks to support from UKTI we’re making a real statement about the UK being one of the best places in the world to make and sell games.

Ukie CEO, Dr. Jo Twist, said.


With 81 exhibitors, Great Britain had the highest number of exhibitors at gamescom » Continue Reading.

The Swindle Hacks its way to Xbox One


We are really pleased to hear the news that Size Five Games and Curve Digital’s upcoming game The Swindle will be released on Xbox One next month.

The Swindle is a mixture of platform, action and stealth gameplay where players take the role of a master thief and break into procedurally-generated buildings, hacking their systems, stealing their cash and then charging to the nearest exit to the sound of alarms and breaking glass.

Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One console announced


A Forza Motorsport 6 inspired Xbox One was announced yesterday.

The console not only boasts a cool blue design with matching controller, but it also has a 1TB hard drive in there too.

It also features customised sounds For when you press the power and eject buttons. The controller will also be released as a standalone product to purchase.

The Xbox One Forza Motorsport 6 Limited Edition console is available for pre-order now at Microsoft Stores and select retailers alongside the release of Forza Motorsport 6 on September 15, 2015

Our very own Aceybongos gives you full low down in the video below.

Le Tour De France 2015 review


Le Tour De France 2015 is another installment in the Tour De France franchise by Cyanide studios which puts you in the heart of competitive cycling in the annual Tour De France event. As you can imagine it’s a racing game where you compete against others, (lots of them) to win a series of races and become the overall champion. However if you’re into your race games then clear all your thoughts and ideas from your mind as this isn’t a fast paced racer with lots of options and customizations to keep you tinkering for hours but in fact a hard long slog with a huge dose of strategy behind it. If you are a keen cyclist, into the Tour De France or just fancy a change in pace then this is definitely the game for you so don your Lycra, grab your gel packs and prepare to get sweaty.

Compared to other games I have seen in the past Tour De France 2015 doesn’t just put you in charge of a single racer but an entire team and this is where the strategy comes in. You can only at any one time focus on a single rider within your team, deciding when he sprints or drafts whilst all the time watching his energy to make sure he doesn’t burn out. Like in real life, the quicker you pedal, the longer you climb hills or sprint, the more energy your burn until eventually you run out, at which point you can watch the world and all the other racers pass you by. If you do feel you are starting to fade then you switch riders to one of your team mates or even call one to come up and take the lead so you » Continue Reading.

Project CARS 2 announced


Slightly Mad Studios continues to strive to be the best online racing game developer by announcing Project CARS 2. Already with a crowdfunding campaign on their WMD portal, Slightly Mad Studios state that with an extensive content delivery and update plan for Project CARS, they are now focussing their attention on Project Cars 2.

Planned for release on the Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Steam OS the question is “What will the new game bring?”

    All new features like “loose surface” racing with dirt, gravel, mud, and snow courses will be introduced into the game. There will also be eight different disciplines that now include Rallycross, Hillclimbs, and Touge. Co-op options are being added this time around, including such modes as Teammate Driver, Spotter, Driver Swap and Co-Pilot. The full game will consist of over 200 courses across 50 locations, and over 200 cars across 40 different vehicle classes.

If you decide to back this game then some of the treats you can look forward to are;

£50 will obtain Project Cars 2 PC Version, an in-game badge and wallpaper. £75 will receive the same and includes the game soundtrack, poster, name in the credits, and choice of platform.

Those who have serious cash to spare and we are talking £10K, will be rewarded with a “luxury weekend itinerary” including an all expense paid dinner with the Head of Studio Andy Tudor, at a luxury hotel in London, the use of a Ferrari 458 Spider and a host of other extravagant goodies.

So dig deep and be part of one of the best online racing franchises ever.

E3 Need for Speed in game video footage


For those who’ve already forgotten about E3, here’s just a little reminder of the in-game customisation and gameplay that awaits us in the up and coming  rebooted Need for Speed franchise.

Need for Speed is due for release on the 3rd November.