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Xbox @ gamescom – DVR for Over-the-Air TV


Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will add live TV-recording to its suite of capabilities in 2016

You will be able to schedule recordings from your Xbox One or other Windows 10 device, stream to other devices in your home or download to watch on a Windows 10 device while on the go.

I’ve been looking forward to this feature for a while, shame I have to wait a bit longer…

Constructor HD coming next year

Constructor HD

Cast your minds back 18 years and you might recall a city building management game created by System 3 called Constructor. It was a popular title, especially on PC, with a wonderfully unique personality that set it apart from the likes of Sim City.

Well next year, the long rumoured Constructor HD will see a release, and it’ll be hitting Xbox One.

Back in the day, the PlayStation release saw a lot of compromises to get the title to work on the platform. The PC version’s online features weren’t present, the visuals were knocked down slightly, loading was lengthy, and the save file filled an entire memory card. These are issues we won’t be seeing with Constructor HD, hopefully.

How to stream your Xbox One to your Windows 10 device


If you have upgraded to Windows 10 today, you have probably done so to take advantage of the new Xbox App, that allows you to stream your Xbox One to your device, but how do you do it? Arise Major Nelson!

Have you managed to stream yet? How does it work for you? Let us know!


Lego® Dimensions story trailer released


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today released the story trailer for LEGO® Dimensions™, the upcoming entertainment experience that merges physical LEGO® brick building with interactive console game play.  The game features an original story that combines characters and worlds from 14 of the most popular entertainment brands including DC Comics™, The Lord of the Rings™, TheLEGO® Movie, The Wizard of Oz™, LEGO®  Ninjago, Back to the Future™, Scooby-Doo™, LEGO® Chima™, Doctor Who, Jurassic World,Ghostbusters™, The Simpsons™, Portal™ and Midway Arcade.

In the game, there is an ancient planet at the centre of the LEGO® Multiverse inhabited by an evil mastermind, Lord Vortech. It is said that he who controls the Foundational Elements that this planet is built upon, controls all of the Multiverse. Lord Vortech has vowed to be that ruler, summoning characters from a variety of LEGO® worlds to help him find these building bricks of LEGO® civilisation. Some have agreed, others have rebelled, and only the combined powers of the greatest LEGO® heroes can stop him.

When a mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various LEGO worlds, different characters from DC Comics™, The Lord of the Rings™ and The LEGO® Movie are swept away. To save their friends, LEGO® Batman™, LEGO® Gandalf and LEGO® Wyldstyle journey to locations beyond their wildest imaginations, and they soon realise that Lord Vortech is summoning villains from across different LEGO® worlds to help him gain control. As his power grows, worlds mix, unexpected characters meet and all boundaries are broken. Our heroes must travel through space and time to rescue their friends before the vortexes destroy all of LEGO® humanity.

LEGO® Dimensions will be Launching 29th September this year.



Pure Pool DLC price announced


VooFoo Studios and Ripstone publishing have confirmed pricing information and revealed the latest screenshots today for their upcoming snooker DLC release. Pure Pool’s snooker DLC will be priced at £2.99 / €3.99 / $4.49 and is due to launch soon, with more details to follow. VooFoo’s latest DLC is set to be the ultimate snooker experience available on Xbox One, PlayStation ®4 and PC via Steam.

VooFoo Studios’ Pure Pool Snooker DLC pack features a full career mode for all difficulty levels; Amateur, Pro and Master, two new snooker challenge modes and DLC specific trophies, achievements and snooker accolades.

Watch the Pure Pool Snooker DLC trailer here:


The Swindle release date announced


Size Five Games’ The Swindle launches this week.

The Swindle is a platforming, action and stealth game set in a Victorian steampunk world. All levels are procedurally generated, and it is the player’s job as a series of master thieves to break into buildings, steal cash, hack systems and get out. Players start small by robbing from the slums, and must upgrade their tools, abilities and skills until they can pull off the ultimate heist in Scotland Yard.

Dan Marshall, Founder of Size Five Games, had the following to say.


With The Swindle I wanted to design a completely new spin on the stealth and action experience whilst keeping true to a classic rogue like style experience. That was the kind of game that I always wanted to play but could never find. The reception we have already received has been incredible. I can’t wait to see people’s different heist set ups.

The Swindle is now available worldwide on other platforms, with an Xbox One arrival due this Friday.


Screenshots coming to Smartglass


It’s been a hugely requested feature and Microsoft has responded, by bringing the ability to view and share screenshots from the Smartglass app.

This feature will be available soon in the Android Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app (build 2.4.1507 or higher) which is accessible by all users; the beta version for iOS is currently limited to users that are already part of the Xbox One SmartGlass Beta via the Apple store (Build 2.108 or higher).

Xbox Summer Spotlight announced


Xbox’s Summer Arcade promotion has been renamed to Xbo Summer Spotlight, running from Wednesday, July 29th to August 31st. The promotion will bring Xbox One fans more than 25 new digital games to play, with new releases coming out each week, for five weeks. A few titles are listed below, which we’ll try to update as we can.

28 July: World of Tanks (pre-download)

29 July: King’s Quest (pre-order King’s Quest : The Complete Collection) Squid Hero for Kinect (coming soon)

31 July: Magic Duels: Origins (coming soon)

Upcoming Summer Spotlight Titles Available For Pre-Order

Rare Replay



Neverwinter: Strongholds trailer


Neverwinter: Strongholds – the seventh expansion for the action MMORPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms universe from Wizards of the Coast is due for release.

Strongholds introduces the largest playable map released for Neverwinter and focuses on players banding together to take back a stronghold from the wild. The initial release will focus on player-versus-environment gameplay in order to allow guilds the opportunity to build their strongholds before taking the fight to other players when large scale player-versus-player content launches.

Reminiscent of early Dungeons & Dragons gameplay, Neverwinter: Strongholds empowers guilds to reclaim a keep and its surrounding wilderness areas from monsters. As the lands are cleared, guilds will build defenses both in and around their strongholds using structures like archer towers to fend off attackers, while building siege structures to increase their ability to wage war against enemy guilds. Once the keep has been secured, guilds will work to solidify their foothold along the ranges of the Sword Coast.

Neverwinter : Strongholds is due for PC launch on August 11th with an Xbox One release to follow shortly thereafter.


The Dwarves debuting at Gamescom


With less than a fortnight to go, the make up of the attending at Gamescom has been coming thick and fast with many surprising and interesting titles making an appearance.

The Dwarves, currently under development by the team at King Art Games, will be getting its first public outing on the show floor at Gamescom next month in Booth A60, Hall 10.1. in the Entertainment area.

Undertaking a revolutionary combat system, with enemies utilising a pack mentality and heavily influenced by physics promising tactical use of the environment with which to combat the horde which can outnumber them 100 to 1.

The main character is the dwarf Tungdil, who grew up among humans. During the campaign he will enlist a group of up to 12 companions each of whom have a unique back story and personalised battle skills.

Assemble your team of four warriors to take into the fray against hundreds of enemy combatants.

The Dwarves is currently in development and is scheduled for a 2016 Release.