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Bargain Alert: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

We love a bargain here at TiX and this should be right up most peoples street. Over on the Xbox Store you can grab a copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for £40.49, the on!y catch being that you need to ...[Read More]

Battlefield Hardline beta coming next week, apparently

There’s been rumours circulating for a few days now that the Battlefield Hardline beta was just around the corner and it seems that the Xbox Marketplace have finally confirmed it, by accident. A...[Read More]

Xbox 360 Ultimate Sale Day 4 Offers: 50% off GTA V

In what Xbox is calling the ‘Ultimate Xbox 360 sale’, today has Day Four offerings available from the Xbox Marketplace with discounts from 50-83% off titles below. They will run until tomo...[Read More]

Microsoft Potentially Reveals Arkham Knight Release Date

Just before E3, Rocksteady confirmed the sad news that the third and final chapter in their Batman Trilogy ‘Arkham Knight’ was to be delayed till 2015. Reports in the last week suggested a...[Read More]

Deals With Gold: XBLA Games and Transformers Titles Discounted

This week’s sale has gone live in the Xbox Store and has big discounts on a selection of XBLA titles and Transformers Games on Demand games. Discounts are valid now through 12 May 2014. Xbox One...[Read More]

Xbox LIVE Store – Weekly Deals for Xbox One and Xbox 360

The Xbox LIVE Store Weekly deal is now live and features discounts for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 Titles. Discounts will run until March 31st. Those games with an * have a discount running from March ...[Read More]

Xbox 360 – Ultimate Game Sale : Final Day Only Deals

  The Xbox Store Ultimate Game Sale has reached it’s final day for its Day One only deals and it ends with the following titles from XBLA and Games on Demand at large discounted prices:    ...[Read More]

Xbox Ultimate Game Sale – Day Only Deals 5

  It is the weekend and along with it comes Day 5 of the Xbox 360 Ultimate Game Sale with more huge discounts on Digital content for just one day only from the Xbox Store:            Content Titl...[Read More]

Xbox Store – Ultimate Game Dale: Day Only Deals 4

Day four of the Ultimate Game Sale on Xbox Store for Xbox 360 will be going live today and below will be the digital content available at hugely discounted prices:            Content Title Content Typ...[Read More]

Xbox Store – EA Sale Now On with DLC and Games discounted

  Another Xbox LIVE Sale has appeared and this week it is a big old EA Sale going on. With Full EA Games for £5 and DLC for Mass Effect 3, its a great time to pick up some classic EA games and co...[Read More]

Xbox Store – Deal of The Week – Great Deals from £5

The latest Deal of the Week sale is now live with some great deals around the £5 mark for some Games on Demand Titles. Dark Souls for less then £4, Tales of Vesperia for £6.59 and if you want a catch ...[Read More]

Xbox Store – Countdown to 2014 Sale Week 2 – Popcap Games and The Wolf Among Us Ep 1 Free

  Week 2 of the ‘Countdown to 2014’ sale on the Xbox Store has kicked off today with a large list of reductions to celebrate with additional items discounted which will last until Dec...[Read More]

Xbox Store – Countdown to 2014 Sale – Deal 7 – Sports

The next deal in the Xbox Store ‘Countdown to 2014’ Sale has gone live and today you can find the theme is Sports Games. These reductions are only available for one day before being replac...[Read More]

Xbox Store – Countdown to 2014 Sale – Deal 6 Fight Fest

  Deal 6 in the ‘Countdown to 2014’ Xbox Store sale is now live featuring some classic Fighting games from XBLA ; Virtua Fighter 5, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibre II HD,  Streetfighter I...[Read More]

Xbox Store – Countdown to 2014 Sale Deal 5 – Pay Day 2

  The latest deal for the ‘Countdown to 2014’ has gone live with Pay Day 2 now available on Games on Demand at Half Price. Deal available for 24hrs before Deal 6 replaces it. Content ...[Read More]

Xbox Store: Countdown to 2014 Sale Deal 4 – Castlevania Collection

  The ‘Countdown to 2014’ sale is in full swing and today see’s Deal 4 go live on Xbox Store. For one day only, the Castlevania Collection is reduced in priced on all titles and...[Read More]

Xbox Store – Countdown to 2014 Sale – Deal 3 is Forza Horizon

  If anyone missed out when Xbox gave Forza Horizon away for free during the summer, you can now pick it up at a reduced price as Deal 3 of the XBox Store Sale ‘Countdown to 2014’ goe...[Read More]

Xbox Store – Countdown to 2014 Sale – Fez, Terraria and Spelunky Reduced

  Day 2 of the ‘Countdown to 2014’ sale for the Xbox Store brings the following at reduced prices. These prices are for 24hrs only and will be replaced by tomorrow’s deal.      ...[Read More]

Xbox LIVE Store – Countdown to 2014 Sale Starts Tomorrow

  Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb has announced on Twitter that the ‘Countdown to 2014’ Sale begins tomorrow, Tuesday December 17th. The sale will feature 24hr sales that will b...[Read More]

1000 Game Titles Go Missing from Xbox Store

      Microsoft is currently investigating a rather serious software glitch that has removed 1000 game titles, mostly Indie games, from the Xbox Game Store. Gaming site Gamasutra has re...[Read More]