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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 details Revealed


It seems some new details have emerged online via the latest issue of Future Publishing’s GameMaster magazine. Although nothing has appeared on either Capcom’s official press site or other industry press sites, details look pretty solid.

  • Claire Redfield will return as the playable lead and it is said that “In the time since we last saw her (Claire), she’s grown to be a seasoned veteran.”
  • Claire will be joined throughout the campaign with Moira Burton, daughter of the legendary Barry Burton.
  • The campaign will be playable in co-op or singleplayer.
  • When playing as Claire, her style will be more combat focused. Whereas Moira will be supplying Claire with health herbs, provided the flashlight and general support.
  • Claire will be the only player death that will result in a Game Over, one of Moira’s key roles will be to help keep Claire alive (though Claire can obviously heal herself).
  • The story will take place on an abandoned island detention facility.
  • The campaign will begin with Claire and Moira awakening after being abducted.
  • The events will take place between the events of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.
  • Gameplay will be much more Survival Horror orientated (much like the first Resident Evil: Revelations), bringing the series back to its roots with less over the top action, unlike Resident Evil 5 and 6.
  • Fan feedback has played a part in the development of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Producer Okabe said that “The project has been finding the line between listening to fan feedback and also doing something different to confound expectations.”
  • Okabe also said that “I want this to be both a game that doesn’t lose what made its predecessor great, while also bringing something new and exciting to the Resident Evil series.” He also added that “Achieving that lofty goal by bringing together past and future will make this an itchy-tasty prospect indeed.”
  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will feature a new “Afflicted” enemy type, which “may look like zombies, but are in fact something quite different.”
  • The Afflicted enemy will be both fast and able to deal heavy damage to the player. It is also said that they will force the player to decide whether to take them head-on, sneak up using stealth and applying a take-down or the player can run for the hills and “preserve ammo”.
  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will run at 1080p and 60fps (for the PC and new gen versions at least).

An early image released by Capcom earlier this month;


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 hasn’t been given a firm release date at this time however we know it will be sometime early in 2015.

Thanks Push-Start.co.uk

You can read ThisisXbox’s review of the first Resident Evil: Revelations here.

Far Cry 4 – #XboxGamesCom


Far Cry 3 albeit released late in December 2012 was a commercial success for Ubisoft, and although we’ve had Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon since then, fans of the series are excited to get their hands on the latest open world shooter. We at ThisisXbox are amongst those fans and were lucky enough to gets hands on with one of the missions showcased at Gamescom 2014.

In Far Cry 4 Ubisoft have gone big and are pushing the boundaries of the serious further than they have before. Far Cry 4 is set in the fictional Himalayan country of Kyrat ruled over by an evil dictator called Pagan Min. Players will take up the story of protagonist Ajay Ghile as he fights to remove Pagan Min from power.


At Gamescom 2014 Ubisoft brought with them 2 different playable missions for people to get stuck into. First was the stronghold mission and the second that centred on the mythical Shangri-La. We got stuck into the first and from the outset, the stronghold mission drops you immediately into the action. We were dropped outside of our stronghold and left with two choices; storm the front gate or use stealth tactics to fulfil our objective. I choose to go with stealth, at least to begin with…

The objective during the mission was to assassinate an enemy Lieutenant using a knife which is always easier said than done. As we made our way through the stronghold, using our crossbow to pick off guards we couldn’t help but notice the level of detail and impressive graphics on display. The stronghold was alive, the foliage around the buildings swayed and moved naturally as you brushed passed them whilst creeping to cover. Shadows cast from cloud above you moved realistically. It was all rather impressive and I couldn’t help but chuckle when our fearless TiX leader @XboxJay himself commented on how he may have been wrong about this latest Ubisoft Montreal title.


One of the cool things I didn’t get to try out (being too busy admiring the foliage) was the all new bait items which can be used to draw in wild animals from the surrounding countryside who will with the right push do your killing for you. Should they fail to and actually be taken down by your enemies they at least provide a good diversion whilst you get on with the job at hand.

The level we didn’t get to try due to time constraints, was the Shangri-La demo. I did manage to catch a few minutes of the level being demonstrated on the main Xbox stage on the big screen. The level looks impressive with some unique features and encounters. During the main campaign we can expect to stumble across mystical items that tell the story of a powerful warrior who banished an ancient evil. Whilst then meditating our protagonist Ajay can take control of said warrior and take on various humanoid monsters.

During GamesCom 2014 Ubisoft also released a new trailer for Far Cry 4; A Glimpse into Kyrat. The trailer welcomes players to Kyrat, a country on the roof of the world in the legendary Himalayas. We take a glimpse into Kyrat, from the lush forests and rivers, up to the highest mountain peaks and back down, through the depths of its mythological past.

Far Cry 4 launches on the 21st November this year on Xbox One & 360. Keep your eyes on ThisisXbox for more news as the release date approached and of course our review to come too.

Fable Legends – #XboxGamescom

Our first stop during our week in Cologne, Germany was to the Xbox Media Briefing on Tuesday held offsite in the city as the convention centre was not yet open. It was here that our journey with Fable Legends began.


Phil Harrison, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft took to the stage to go through a number of Xbox One exclusive titles which of course included the latest in the Fable franchise from the UK based Lionhead Studios. As well as a new gameplay trailer Phil Harrison also detailed the upcoming Multiplayer BETA which launches on October 16th. You can sign up here: http://www.fablelegends.com/

The news was announced alongside a gameplay trailer, which showcases the multiplayer battle system. Hero characters are available in multiple classes, while villains will be able to set traps using a top-down perspective. Watch the Fable Legends trailer below and keep reading to see what we thought after we go hands on with this new multiplayer mode.


Over the coming days I managed to get hands on with Fable Legends twice ensuring that I played as both the Villain and a Hero. Playing as the Villain is unique and incredibly more fun than I initially thought it would be. Unlike playing as a Hero, the villain is played via an overhead view of the action so you can see the multiple units and traps at your disposal. As the villain it was my job to harm, annoy and kill the heroes before they made it to the end of the map securing themselves victory.


In the map we were playing I had 4 special units/minions under my command. I had archers who could lay smoke traps as a special ability, a ranged bomber type minion who could fire large single explosives in the path of my enemies, The Puck who could stealth behind units and take out those that become separated from the rest of the group, and finally some generic melee units. I also had time at the beginning of each map to set up mines and other traps including raising or lowering gates to protect my units or force the heroes down a particular path. What was pleasantly surprising was how easy and intuitive it was to move around and control my minions considering the many different factors and events happening on the field of battle at any one time.

As the heroes progress through each stage, a new area opens up with new minions and traps to set up. There were 3 stages to the map we played on. Once the final area is reached and cleared I have a special unit unlock, a big Ogre whose special ability is farting… a big poison cloud attack. I was doing well by this stage and all the heroes has run out of healing potions long before the Ogre entered the battle. Using my Puck and Archers to support the Ogre, I was quickly able to finish off the 4 heroes and win the game.


When I later return to the game (during the Xbox Aftershow Party) I got to play as Sterling, the dashing Rogue who has little health but speed and dexterity on his side. Fable Legends plays as you would expect when playing as a hero, you need to keep close to one another and support your team mates. If a fellow hero falls then you need to revive them, watching out for dangers of your own. Sterling was quick, he has a ranged knife throw attack and a slap which stuns opponents allowing you to follow up with his higher damage special strike attack. As the heroes we made it through to the final area with the Ogre, unfortunately all my teammates were down and out and I was alone with the Ogre, a Puck and a couple of archers. I lasted a good few minutes using the evade ability but the odds were stacked too highly against me and eventually the gamer playing as the villain won the day.

Fable Legends proved to be an extremely popular title at Gamescom with queues building up within minutes of the event opening each day and some queues as long as 3 hours. The booth staff were fantastically engaged with everyone, and when they work 12+ hour days constantly on their feet, this goes to show how much passion and love the Lionhead team really do have for their game.


We loved Fable Legends and what we got to see and play during Gamescom 2014. We’ll keep you updated on news as we approach the release date and in the meantime, don’t  forget to register for the Multiplayer BETA here.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – #XboxGamescom


One of the titles I was most looking forward to getting hands on with was the latest in the series from BioWare Edmonton; Dragon Age Inquisition. Unfortunately attendees were not able to play for themselves, but BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn walked gamers, trade and press alike through an extended demo on stage.

Flynn immediately went into detail on the nine companions available and explained that the character creation system allows for millions of combinations. With nine class specializations, 21 combat trees and 200 spells and abilities, it was demonstrated that your character will play the way you want to play. There are 200 different weapon and upgrade schematics, 150 different types of armour, and 80 materials, each with their own properties. Holy crap that makes for some serious customization!

As Flynn begins the walkthrough we spot he is playing as a female Warrior. Flynn begins in Fallow Mire, a dark swamp which is full of decaying structures and wildlife. A perfect setting for the hordes of the undead wandering around. Rain and fog make for a nice atmosphere, but don’t hamper the view as you can still see your main objective. Flynn explained that the goal of this quest is to rescue some Inquisition soldiers who have gone missing. It doesn’t take him long to learn that a ruined castle called Hargrave Keep is spot where the soldiers are being kept by hostile Avvar barbarians.

Dragon Age Inquisition Swamp Gamescom 2014

Immediately we noticed that the combat system has been vastly improved and looks to flow a lot better especially when switching between companions on the fly to use whatever abilities are needed to help turn the tide of battle. Probably the biggest difference everyone will be keen to try is the addition of a tactical camera view. Switching to this view not only pauses the game but zooms out to a bird’s eye view so players can see the entire field of battle and set tactics based on the situation. In the demo Flynn took us through how we can use Iron Bull (a companion) to hold a particular position, effectively protecting our rear, whilst we set precise orders to other companions. Flynn used the opportunity to demonstrate how to set your Rogue going indivisible to creep up on enemy ranged units, and our Mage raining DPS down from a safer distance.

Flynn completed the quest which resulted in the rescued soldiers heading back to Skyhold, the customizable fortress of the Inquisition. Flynn explained that you’ll be able to upgrade and build a variety of buildings within the fortress including Stables, Armoury, Tavern for relaxing with a drink, War Room and many many more. From what we saw of Skyhold, the further you progress through the game the more the fortress comes alive with soldiers, merchants, visitors, diplomats and of course your nine companions.

Dragon Age Inquisition Iron Bull Gamescom 2014

That’s just one of the hundreds of stories you’re going to experience in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Great story lies at the heart of every BioWare game. The game boasts nearly a million words of dialogue, making it easily the biggest story that BioWare has ever told. It took a completionist player more than 150 hours to do everything the game has to offer.

Gamescom 2014 guests were treated to the latest trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The trailer showcases what you can expect from the enemy in the game, where the dangerous villains from beyond the Veil were introduced as the new enemies of Thedas.

During the trailer, you’d have noticed that the war between the Templar Order and the Mages has been interrupted by the appearance of creatures coming from the fade and heading to Thedas. Demons, Spirits, Beasts and Dragons all feature in the trailer and they are literally destroying everything within their path.


If you haven’t played the previous Dragon Age titles you may not have noticed a couple of cameo appearances. BioWare’s Creative Director; Mike Laidlaw announced during the EA Press Conference additional details regarding those cameos.

The character of Hawke from Dragon Age 2 is seen in the trailer and a Warden also made an appearance, yet it is not the same warden featured from Dragon Age Origins. In addition, Laidlaw mentioned that the characters that were present in the previous games, those that can be modified before, can still be modified to appear just like how they look when they last appeared.

Dragon Age Inquisition looked fantastic. Beautifully detailed, stunningly scripted and voice acted. From what we saw, it looked like the franchise has not only matured but successfully shaken off the failings and problems that came with Dragon Age 2. We are extremely excited

The release date for Dragon Age: Inquisition is November 18th. It will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. We’ll keep you up to date on news as the date approaches.