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  • Zen Pinball FX 2: Balls of Glory review

    Zen Pinball FX 2: Balls of Glory review

    Ball of Glory adds four new tables to Zen Pinball FX 2, each based on a different Fox animated comedy, and whilst the tables feature nothing particular new with their mechanics, excellent aesthetic authenticity truly brings each to life, resulting in terrific fan service. Moreover, each table is also highly accessible. The majority of the […]

  • Plants vs. Zombies Pinball brings the battle to the Xbox One

    Plants vs. Zombies Pinball brings the battle to the Xbox One

    Zen Studios and PopCap games have announced that their Pinball FX2 and Plants vs. Zombies collaboration is now available for the Xbox One. This Xbox 360 fan favourite brings the eternal struggle between the undead masses, and the floral forces to the Xbox One, bringing the zombie invasion to the pinball table. It is now […]

  • Ant-Man Pinball review

    Ant-Man Pinball review

    Another Marvel movie release of course means another pinball table to add to Zen Pinball on the Xbox platforms. This time it’s Ant-Man, and thanks to unique mechanics and a seldom seen layout, it’s another superb table to add to your collection. The Ant-Man table focuses its feature in the top half, leaving the bottom […]

  • Portal Pinball review

    Portal Pinball review

    Zen Studios are certainly back on form. Their Star Wars: Rebels table was highly authentic and enjoyable, and their latest table, Portal, follows in its footsteps with just as much care and attention to detail as any other property they’ve turned into a pinball experience. Indeed the Portal pinball table is smashing. Dialogue has been […]

  • Star Wars: Rebels Pinball review

    Star Wars: Rebels Pinball review

    After a slightly disappointing table for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Zen Studios had something to prove with its next release. Fortunately, Star Wars: Rebels re-captures the excellence the developer is famed for. The Star Wars: Rebels table is wonderfully authentic, taking lines of dialogue, sound effects and music from the animated show and the […]