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ZHEROS heading to Xbox One


Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Rimlight Studios is offering you the chance to do just that with their incoming offering, ZHEROS.

This 3D beat ’em up sees you journey in a far away galaxy and may have all the hallmarks of a recent popular Disney film. In this one though, the enemies can actually shoot straight and you’ll have to strike hard and fast to smash the hordes of Dr. Vendetta. The evil Vendetta’s plans? Well, they’re to turn every living creature in the universe into an odd and hostile minion of course.

Play as one of the two ZHEROS squad members. Be the brave, strong and frankly stupid Mike or the agile, smart and eager Captain Dorian. Fight in the single player campaign or team up in co-op mode. Learn to rely on your punches, utilise an array of combos and use high-tech weaponry.

Oh, and did I mention the robots? There is also the opportunity to control your own mech.

The title is releasing on Xbox One on the 16th of January and will also be made available as part of the Games with Gold benefits for free in the second half of January.

Games with Gold kicks 2016 off with…


The Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct’s Season 1 heads up the New Year for Games with Gold on Xbox One. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 gets DiRTy with DiRT Showdown – remember to download this via xbox.com – which will be making its way to the Xbox One’s backwards compatible list, as do all Xbox 360 titles released on the Games with Gold program.

From January 16th, Xbox One owners will be able to get a brand new title, Zheros and Xbox 360 gets Deus Ex Human Revolution.

January’s games need little introduction save one… Zheros. Check out the ID@Xbox GDC trailer below – Streets of Rage anyone?

ZHEROS playable at Gamescom 2015

zheros_gameplay_05Rimlight Studios is proud to announce the upcoming completion of ZHEROS, the 3D beat’em up that will soon be ready for release on Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program and Windows PC.

Rimlight Studios’ presence at GamesCom 2015, in Cologne, from August 5th to 8th, is the opportunity for the team to show ZHEROS, talk about the development, the challenges faced, but most of all put the latest version of the game in the hands of press and gamers.

Learn more about ZHEROS

ZHEROS: a leap into pure action and frenzied fights, is a new 3D beat’em up where your mission is to save the planet from the twisted plan of Dr. Vendetta. In the role of Mike and his partner Captain Dorian, in single player or local co-op, players will rely on powerful combat moves to destroy crowds of enemies that will try to stop them.
Many obstacles await you, from bizarre creatures to dangerous traps.
Use your muscles, your hi-tech weapons, take control of your mechanical armour equipped with laser beams and rockets and fight to reach at last the evil Doctor.
A tribute to the beat’em up genre, ZHEROS features a bright and colourful sci-fi world that will take the player in a fascinating and twisted journey.