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Zombie Army Trilogy invades stores today

Zombie Army Trilogy launches today for Xbox One – we have a giveaway for four codes that ends at 13:00 GMT – starting life as DLC for the PC version of Sniper Elite V2, Zombie Army trilogy bundles together the first two episodes and concludes the series with a fresh new episode that includes new mechanics and visuals. The Trilogy also comes with Horde mode – a brand new mode that best enjoyed with a group of mates.

Check out the launch trailer below and keep an eye out for our review later today!

Achtung! There’s zombies coming to Xbox One


Zombies seem to be quite the regular occurrence in gaming these days so it makes sense that now is the right time to resurrect the cult PC series Zombie Army – the spin-off Sniper Elite shooter.

The trilogy, which is marked as “releasing early 2015”, is dusting off its bones and rising up from the crypt with a new lease of life courtesy of Rebellion and comes loaded with new content that includes remastered versions of the two titles that launched on PC titles and a copy of the “never-seen-before” third game.

The remastered 1080p trilogy features the classic x-ray kill cam that made Sniper Elite so popular, 15 campaign missions, five horde maps, eight playable characters (four of each sex) and 25 weapons/traps – all of which can be played with three other players.

Check out some artwork below and the trailer to whet your appetite for the undead!