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Team Behind SingStar and Zumba Fitness Rush Developing New Dance Game for 2013

Zoe Mode, The team that helped create SingStar, Disney Sing It and more recently, Zumba Fitness Rush has confirmed the development of a new dance game for 2013, by placing a recent casting call lookin...[Read More]

Zumba Fitness Rush Review

Sometimes when reviewing games it’s important to detach yourself from who you really are. For a few hours remove the hardcore gamer t-shirt, leave those potentially misjudged preconceptions behind, ge...[Read More]

2000 Fans Celebrate the Launch of Kinect Zumba Fitness Rush in the US

Majesco Entertainment, publisher of the wildly successful Zumba Fitness games that have sold more than 6 million copies, captured an epic flash mob on film at the IHRSA Fitness Convention in the US.

Zumba Fitness Rush for Kinect Released In Europe

505 Games, have today announced that Zumba Fitness Rush will be distributed in Europe under license from Majesco Entertainment. The game was released in North America earlier this month and is exclusi...[Read More]

Zumba Fitness Rush Out Now in North America

Majesco Entertainment along with Zumba Fitness have announced the North American release of Zumba Fitness Rush, the most technologically advanced, feature-rich addition to the Zumba Fitness franchise ...[Read More]