Talent Not Included coming to Xbox

Talent Not Included

Frima Studios’ Steam platformer, Talent Not Included, has been revealed to be coming to Xbox One, which is only going to be a good thing. When you get a PR alert that asks the question, ‘What isn’t an armchair, but almost?’ you simply know that any game this developer is producing will be filled with humorous snippets.

Talent Not Included seems to fulfill that while providing the gamer with action combat and platforming fun. Frima really love the idea of being able to bring a couch co-op element to the game too, citing the importance of the couch in gaming. They really care about the comfort of their player.

Talent Not Included is set in the fantasy land of Notthatuchfurther. It tells the story of three actors, Kevin, Derp and Zordock, ready for anything, in order to give the performance of their lives. Even if that means facing mechanical soldiers, animals, hardheaded monsters and rotating cylinders at their feet. Break a leg has never been a more apt description.

All three characters are huge fans of slaughter, bloodbaths and Shakespeare. One night, our three intrepid actors decided to put on their own play. Unfortunately, nothing went as planned, mostly because Zot, a demonic critic hired for the occasion, chose three mediocre actors with terribly strong personalities, hoping to sow hell on stage for his own and the public’s amusement.

With a theatrical setting, absurd humour, cylinder based platforms, local co-op and masses and masses of combat, the curtain raises on Talent Not Included for Xbox One early in 2017. Tickets for this fun-filled gore extravaganza are expected to be around the $12.99 mark or equivalent.

Someone was sitting at the back of the Theatre, videoing it, look!


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