Tales from the Borderlands Ep.3 review

After the fairly mediocre Episode 2 I was hoping the story would begin to pick up its pace and leave me wanting more, thankfully Telltale have done the job.

It seems fairly standard from Telltale to have a mid-season dip where they try not to give too much away storywise and try to develop the characters, as you play through the third episode you appreciate a bit more what the second episode was trying to do.


At the end of the second episode you were left with a choice, and the third episode starts off just after that point, and it’s not long before the action begins. I had more fun in this episode, there were plenty of QTEs and for the first time¬†some caught me off guard resulting me actually seeing the ‘game over’ screen a few times.

New characters enter the fold again and it really helps open up the story, different relationships are explored which I really enjoyed taking part in. The humour also felt more natural, which is good because the game felt like it was constantly trying to prove that Borderlands was funny, we all know the series is but it felt like they were trying to throw the laughs down our throats.


Tales from the Borderlands has always been a great looking game and episode three actually looks even better, there are some beautiful scenes with some wonderful use of colour. This was the first episode I remember that didn’t suffer from any freezing too.

I’ll admit that when I first started playing tales I wasn’t expecting too much from it, but after this episode I’ve realised just how good it is. This episode alone is probably one of my favourite from all of the Telltale Games, which is saying something as I never thought some of the final episodes of the Walking Dead could ever be bettered.

Telltale have set the bar now for the rest of this season, the snippet of episode four looks excellent, so hopefully they dont make us way too long to play again.

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