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If you haven’t played Episode one of Tales from the Borderlands, you had better go play that first, don’t want to spoil anything for you!

Have they gone?

You sure?

Ok then!

The end of Episode one saw Rhys and the gang literally see the money they had explode before their eyes. After coming to terms with their loss, the four regroup, find a secret chamber in the Atlas base, in which they find a strange device that displays a map to a new Vault on Pandora. As they look, a mysterious voice speaks to Rhys, telling him this is part of the “Gortys Project”. As he turns around, he is surprised at the sight of a hologram of Handsome Jack. Which leads us to episode 2, Atlus mugged.

Second episodes are always difficult to balance, Telltale don’t want to give to much of the story away, but they need to keep the fans interested. Thankfully they have managed to do this and kept me laughing along the way, there is a great piece of dialogue between Rhys and Vaughn. Handsome Jack is a great character, it’s fun to watch him interact with Rhys without anyone else being able to see him. There aren’t as many action sequences in the episode, my favourite was leading into the opening credits, there is also far too much bashing a single button to achieve a certain tasks, hopefully they will improve that later into the game.


I like all the characters for the most part. Sasha annoys me, I feel she is the weakest character of the foursome, at the same time I’m enjoying watching the relationships develop and look forward to seeing how the story will take them. Vaughn is starting to become my favourite, I can’t wait to see how he develops over the next few episodes.

Something that seems like it is never going to change is the technical problems that all the Telltale games see on to suffer from, the game freezes at really annoying moments and spoils the immersion, it always seems to be at critical moments of the game, it also seems to repeat the first couple of words of certain sentences, like some sort of lag. I’m so used to it now that it passes me by but it’s worth pointing out that these problems haven’t been fixed.

Episode 2 has done more than enough to keep me entrained while maintaining my excitement for Episode 3 the cliffhanger at the end of the episode is excellent. We’ve had to wait a long while for the second episode to arrive, let’s hope the third doesn’t take as long, I’m getting hooked.

TiX purchased our own copy of the game to review

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