Tame Far Cry Primal with Beast Master

There’s some ferocious beasts lurking around Far Cry Primal’s Stone Age. A lowly bow and arrow or a spear just isn’t enough to bring these beasts down – luckily Takkar isn’t your average hunter – he is the beast master, able to tame animals and use them to hunt, scout and cause distractions – pretty insane right!

As we started to study the time period, we learned that in Siberia, in order to actually hunt giant mammoths, man formed an alliance with wolf,” says Guyot. “So this was an interesting starting point, and it made us realize that with all the animals we have, we had enough opportunities to pursue this idea. It started with the wolf, and then we just decided to go ahead and create a lot of diversity, because all the animals have really different approach.

Check out the official Beast Master trailer below and a walkthrough showing off hunting with beasts.

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