Team 17 take us Beyond Eyes


Team 17 have been around for a while. I remember playing their own titles back in the days of the Amiga, and cracking titles they still are too. They seem to have a knack for spotting good games and grabbing them accordingly.

To this end, the veteran publishers have teamed up with Tiger and Squid, a talented one-woman developer by the name of Sherida Halitoe, to present Beyond Eyes. The game is the story of Rae, a blind girl who’s cat Nani has wandered off.

You take on the role of Rae as you discover your world through sound, smell and touch in your quest to retrieve Nani from it’s own inquisitiveness.

This modern fairy tale will force Rae to face all of her fears and venture out into the world she cannot see.

Beyond Eyes is an ID@Xbox release, coming sometime this year.

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