Telltale Games Addresses Walking Dead Problems


Apparently a bug is present for players of Telltale’s insanely popular Walking Dead series. For players who own a 4GB Xbox 360, there are issues of freezing and stuttering on the first episode of The Walking Dead without the presence of an external hard-drive.

Telltale being the hugely great sports they are, have offered a respite to gamers who may feel aggrieved. The entire first season of The Walking Dead for free. That’s right, all five episode of the criminally good point and click-esque adventure at no cost. So if any of you readers are experiencing these bugs, I’d suggest you get on the horn to Telltale and earn yourselves a possible saving of 2000 Microsoft points (1600 if you count the fact that you bought the first episode).

All five episodes of The Walking Dead are currently available on the Xbox Live Arcade at 400 points a piece.

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