Terraria: Collector’s Edition at Retail for Xbox 360

Terraria: Collector’s Edition at Retail for Xbox 360


Terraria, the popular indie hit which hit the Xbox LIVE Arcade earlier this year is headed to North American retail outlets via a special collector’s edition. Terraria: Collector’s Edition includes the game on disc, a pickaxe USB flash drive, Terraria themed vellum stickers and a crafting poster.

Thisisxbox.com rated Terraria 8.5/10 in our review:

In the worlds of Terraria nothing is impossible, soon you will have a 2D dream and live out your days in-game as a sprite equivalent Christopher Columbus – you may not discover America, but you’ll certainly discover you inner instincts for wanting to beat the environments and all the elements that come your way determined to halt your existence. If you find great enjoyment in games that tap into your must-do nature such as Harvest Moon and Minecraft – then Terraria will tempt you away and capture you into a whole new 2D crafting experience where you’ll be your own worst enemy.

In Terraria players explore vast and vibrant worlds with friends and face treacherous perils including hundreds of twisted foes, magical creatures and mighty bosses. Gamers literally dig to the ends of the earth and then craft with what they discover to make amazing armor, weapons and other items in order to build fantastic dwellings using only their imagination as their limit — Terraria is their canvas.

The game is currently available on the Xbox LIVE Arcade.