Terraria Live Action Trailer


Whoa – did you see that that awesome video from CorridorDigital? No, no, not the Team Fortress 2 one or the Assassins Creed one. And not the Minecraft ones either.

Ok, Ok – they’ve done too many cool videos to pick just one. They are the masters of bringing videogames to life through live action and crazy special effects.

To support the console release of Terraria, 505 Games have commissioned them to do what only they can do best. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to transport yourself into the world of Terraria? You can find out for yourself below.

Terraria scored 8.5/10 in our recent review:

In the worlds of Terraria nothing is impossible, soon you will have a 2D dream and live out your days in-game as a sprite equivalent Christopher Columbus – you may not discover America, but you’ll certainly discover you inner instincts for wanting to beat the environments and all the elements that come your way determined to halt your existence. If you find great enjoyment in games that tap into your must-do nature such as Harvest Moon and Minecraft – then Terraria will tempt you away and capture you into a whole new 2D crafting experience where you’ll be your own worst enemy.

Terraria is available to download on the Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 MS Points

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