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Battlefield 4 has had its fair share of hiccups on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 since launch requiring a number of patches to correct the issues, (which is currently in-progress) but undeniably one of the key features that impress in Battlefield 4, are the striking visuals that hit you face on as soon as you start playing the game from the onset. To give you an understanding of the art direction and how this beautiful visual quality was developed from concept to reality – The Art of Battlefield 4, is available to buy now from Titan Books, and if you’re a fan of Battlefield, this really is a must have addition to accompany the game itself. You might not be a fan of books, or perhaps ever considered buying an art book before – but for the games that you love and enjoy, these art books do not only look great, but it showcases the work of the artists as well as give you some history on your favourite games.

Battlefield has been around for over a decade now, and after many years in the hands of DICE (previously known as Digital Illusions) they finally released a book full of concepts and explain how the first Battlefield game was based on the old PC title Codename Eagle, set to be more evolved and a bigger ambitious project. Thanks to that ambition and a dedicated team it paid off, and Battlefield 1942 was born; a title backed by EA that was way overdue in development time and was a do-or-die project for DICE at that time. Today, Battlefield is the closest competitor to Activision’s Call of Duty (the biggest FPS in the world) and is one of the biggest properties in entertainment for EA Games which started out as a dream from a small group of friends in a cramped Stockholm apartment! It is detail and history like this that you may never know of or thought of, but art books aren’t just stuffed full of pictures. You more often find that interesting details during the development stages are included to as well as things which did not quite make the final cut.


The buildings and cities within Battlefield seem to get bigger and better with each game that is released and evolving architecture has been a part of Battlefield since Bad Company as the Art of Battlefield 4 defines the significant advancements in Battlefield 4. Detailing how whole office blocks and skyscrapers can come tumbling down, how the towns are built up like toy sets prepared in anticipation for the player to run through them knocking down buildings as they go. Although described in more detail through the Dam City chapter of the book, throughout you very much get a feel for how the artists consider the player in every detail. It’s not just about shaping a beautiful game it is also about what the player is expecting to see and how they are expecting even the minor details of a war torn city to appear.

The Art of Battlefield 4 is best described as the ultimate gallery of the latest game in the Battlefield series using sketches, concept art and behind the scenes commentary from the artists to bring to life each mission which is illustrated in astonishing detail. The book will take you in glorious detail down the dark, twisting alleys of Shanghai to snow covered peaks and colossal dams with the games’ art shown in all stages of production including how buildings are destroyed and re-built. Chapters are broken down into geographical areas of Battlefield 4, Characters and Multiplayer. What it does showcase is that if there’s a theme to Battlefield 4, it is that things go very wrong, very quickly and as both a reader and gamer you witness the technical vision and dramatics from the viewpoint of the artists.


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Battlefield 4 is a great FPS title which has made a welcome return to offering a solid Multiplayer experience but also giving a memorable Single Player campaign that will have you replaying the mission to get those missing collectibles and is a challenge for experience FPS players. Visually impressive with amazing audio, Battlefield 4 ticks a lot of boxes as an FPS fan and with Xbox One enhancing this experience even more with greater numbers of players online and more refined visuals…

The Art of Battlefield 4 is available to buy now from TitanBooks via this direct link, and would make a great addition to your gaming memorabilia or to gain deeper insight into the development of Battlefield 4 itself. As always, hardcover art books make great gifts for gamers, but The Art of Battlefield 4 is a definite must-have book for any Battlefield fan!

Thanks to TitanBooks for providing with The Art of Battlefield 4.

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