The Art of Dead Space Hardback Review

art of dead space

Martin Robinson, an award winning journalist and features editor for Eurogamer is certainly no stranger to writing a great companion to an amazing well-known game. Having previously published ‘Halo: The Art of Building Worlds’ through Titan Books, to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the Halo franchise – his latest release is ‘The Art of Dead Space’.

It should be an obvious assumption that ‘The Art of Dead Space’ is based on the Dead Space series of games and covers a magnitude of art works from all three of the Dead Space titles. It is a lavish full colour hard-back collection of more than 300 images, including some never before seen sketches and concept art. The book itself quite large with all pages at around C4 page size (slightly bigger than A4) and glossy to present each image in a dramatic setting. With the Dead Space games well known for their horror themed environments and spectacular sci-fi spacescapes; this book aims to give you a detailed vision into the key design and influential pieces that helped create the last seven years of life in the Dead Space world.

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Starting with the main protagonist, Isaac Clarke, ‘The Art of Dead Space’ continues from the ground up with artworks covering the machinery and Necromorphs in-game through to even the vivid collection of designs that were created for the graphic novels –  Dead Space: Salvage, and Dead Space: Liberation. It is a magnificent insight into how the game you might like to play had been built based on the artist’s designs. As well as covering some factual elements such as the number of times it had taken before the final suits for Issac were cleared, and the thoughts which later led to the design of Necromorphs; the book additionally includes detailed commentary from the artists and reasoning to keep you knowledgeable of how some of the Dead Space designs were brought to life in-game.

It might surprise you to know that the Isaac Clarke who you feel you know and love in the futuristic Dead Space of today was once a completely rugged hero of a man (on paper!). It’s not just the major gaming elements that this book touches on as all the other backdrops, environments and even the smallest detail on a character you’ve probably seen and forgotten about is highlighted in showing how everything you play was perfected first by design. So, as you might gather – ‘The Art of Dead Space’ may be one of the finest collections of gaming art pieces in the world of Dead Space, but it’s also very factual and offers an intriguing look into how everything comes together to build not only the tools, suits and dark themed settings – but right down to the culture too. The culture includes all the fictional in-game advertising, the consistency in ensuring that the equipment and vehicles do not just look as though they’re manufactured by the one company, making sure there is originality and a uniqueness to the in-game living world.

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‘Dead Space’ developer, Visceral Games through the art within this book demonstrates the diversity, detail and attention paid to ensuring the spectacular sights are every bit as dark and meticulous as per the momentum of Dead Space, building upon the foundation set by the first title and continuing the trends in the latest release, Dead Space 3.

‘The Art of Dead Space’ is a truly stunning collection of some of the greatest art spanning from the Dead Space franchise and is well presented, documented and a fantastic insight into how everything shapes together to become the dark, horror theme setting of Dead Space. The book would make an ideal gift for any Dead Space gaming fan or a superb purchase if you’re looking to expand your collection of gaming memorabilia.

You can search to buy this book online or visit Titan Books website directly via this link. If you want something more limited – in March 2013, ‘The Art of Dead Space Limited Edition’ with a mere run of just one-thousand copies and a signed print by game artist, Patrick O’Keefe will become available!

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