The Castle Crashers are invading Xbox One!

Joining the remaster ranks are those devious little Castle Crashers, but they come bearing a gift, and that gift is… a price tag of FREE! You heard right… FREE… well, there are some provisos, you must have purchased the original game on the Xbox 360 and you have until September 20th to download it for free, after that it goes up to $5.00 for owners of the original game and $14.99 for everyone else.

The remastered edition of the game launches on September 9th and features a host of performance tweaks, all stuff that you’d expect from a remaster, but it also includes Back Off Barbarian – a brand new multiplayer mini-game.

For fans of the original Xbox 360 version, you will be able to play this on Xbox One via backwards compatibility “in the nearish future”.


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