The Division 2 is getting raids

E3 News

A new trailer has been released for The Division 2. As We already know the virus from Black Friday has spread to Washington and a new trailer shows that life outside the walls of safety is a city ravaged by the virus.

You are the last hope, can you save a dying nation? Your actions have a clear impact on the citizens. Teamwork will be vital. New progression paths at end game. Signature weapon to choose from, you’ll have your own unique skills based on your choice, extra abilities will unlock as you play on. Up to 8 players will be able to take place in Raids.

Ubi also announced that they have plans for years of major content for the game, Year 1 will have three pieces of DLC, each ‘episode’ will be free for everyone.

Check out the cinematic and gameplay trailers below too see just how good this game is going to look.

The Division will launch on March 15, 2019.

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