The friends and foes of Ubisoft’s The Division

3 weeks after a pandemic spread across the country, and brought the United States Governments to its knees 5 days later, it is up to you and your fellow Division Agents to bring peace to New York City.

As you arrive in Manhattan, you are faced with a city which is at war with itself. Various factions across the borough, fighting for total control. You are free to form squads with your friends online and hunt down these groups to gain control. In your squad you are able to wander around the city, and seamlessly enter Dark Zones and team up, or face off, with other players.

Currently, Ubisoft have announced three main factions who will be patrolling the city, the first one of which shall become a strong ally in your fight for control. The Joint Taskforce are a group formed of the National Guard, police and fire services, and medical personnel.

When the fabric of society tears, these are the people who band together

 Creative Director Juilan Gerighty.

The Joint Taskforce share the same goal with you, to bring peace in the sea of chaos that is New York City. They want to reclaim the city from the enemy factions, and put an end to the virus. When you arrive in Manhattan, they are losing the battle to keep the city together, and require your help to restore order. In one example of the agents helping the Joint Taskforce, you are required to clear out a police station, and make room for friendly groups to move in and gain a foothold in that part of the city. You may also come across a group of soldiers who have been pinned down by a group of violent Cleaners (more on them soon), and it up to you to help push them back, and clear the area.


The citizens also play a big part in the restoration of New York City, as they rely on the joint work of the Division Agents, and the Joint Taskforce to bring peace to their beloved city. Their reactions to you, as you patrol the streets, are a direct indication of how the fight is progressing. Cleared threats from an area? Is the city returning to order? The citizens will notice this and react accordingly, whether reeling in fear, or treating you as one of their own, you will always know where you stand.


Of course, there wouldn’t be a fight if there weren’t enemies, and currently we know of two groups whose sole task in life is to make your goal as hard as possible to achieve.

Firstly, there are the Cleaners… A group comprised of blue-collar workers, equipped with flamethrowers, and are seen roaming the streets burning everything in their path. They are attracted to areas of high contagion, and they have taken it upon themselves to rid the city of the virus. You can easily track them down, by following the trail of flames, and charred bodies.


The second group we know of is the Rikers. This is the newest faction to be announced, at this year’s E3. We first encountered them huddled around a bloody corpse, celebrating as they pump more bullets into the lifeless body.

After the virus hit the city, the residents of Riker Prison rioted, escaped, and made their way to the east coast of Manhattan. Once they established their base there, they started to push across to the east coast, and took over the borough.

The Rikers have become what they always wanted to be: Kings of New York. These are criminals that are basically just living the good life now. They are reclaiming New York City for their own and that really doesn’t bode well for the city or its people.

Creative Director Juilan Gerighty.


These will all be waiting for you when The Division is released on March 8, on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Don’t forget to visit the website to sign up for the public beta, available first on Xbox One, in December this year.

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