The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Gets New Protagonist

Neocore Games, called out to fans for help with finding the best Van Helsing, where gamers could vote for three tough but totally different heroes: The Mysterious Stranger, The Chevalier and The Veteran. When voting ended recently, The Mysterious Stranger came out as a clear winner with 72% of the total number of votes!

So, Meet Van Helsing, the man with many talents – granted that you need someone specifically trained to hunt down monsters. This mysterious stranger will save you in a heartbeat from the various creatures of the night, leaving with only a snappy one-liner. He is the son of the legendary monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing, and although he might be young, he is far from inexperienced. But fate has different plans for him than for his father. To defeat the new threat, he has to side with the ancient monsters of Borgovia and reconsider everything he learned to believe…

Right after the voting ended, Neocore’s Lead Artist, Aniko Salamon aka Coreoca sat down and made this quick sketch about the game’s new Van Helsing, the Mysterious Stranger.

Watch the video below:

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