The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II heading to Xbox One

Van Helsing II

A full two years after the PC release of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, Neocore Games are to bring the title to the Xbox One platform.

The first title in the series was released under a year ago, with TiX reviewing and giving it a fair score of 6.9.

The Van Helsing titles are a hack and slash romp starring the Bram Stoker inspired character, Van Helsing, along with his spectre companion, Lady Katerina, as they try to defeat their arch-foe, General Harker. Travel the country of Borgovia and defeat the undead, monsters, and all manner of other horrors with steampunk-esque weapons and arcane skills.

This second installment will offer the player overhauled classes and new gameplay mechanics to make the hunt more complex as well as three playable classes. Mix up the action as a Hunter, Thaumaturge or Arcane Mechanic.

The Hunter’s Lair returns as the perfect place to hide your weapon stash and trade with NPCs. You’ll also be able to teleport between locations and utilise the alchemy lab while accepting quests from allies.

The Beast in the Lair is a unique artificially created creature. This Chimera is coming to aid Van Helsing straight from The Ink. You can summon it into combat or send it away to the Ink to delve for loot.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of the four player campaign co-op should you so wish, or try your skills against your friends in an eight player PVP mode.

From launch, two DLC packs will be released for the game. The Che Domovy Minipet DLC comes with a rare minipet, gear and a perk. The Expurgator Set DLC will grant you a full wardrode of unique and powerful set items. Each of these DLC are expected to cost around the $0.99 mark or equivalent.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II  will be coming to the Xbox One, digitally, from the 1st of July.

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