The Necropolis is opening on Xbox One later this year


At PAX East last year, Harebrained Schemes showcased a fast-pased, 3D, skills-based PC roguelike called Necropolis. Bandai Namco Entertainment America were so impressed that they decided to bring it to Xbox One as well.

Necropolis will combine third-person action with roguelike dungeon delving. This ends up as being an addictive and totally hardcore experience.

Eric Hartness, Marketing Vice President at Bandai Namco Entertainment America;

Simply put, we were impressed and excited when we discovered Necropolis at PAX East. Blending a skill-based 3D action game with roguelike means it’s never the same experience twice. Necropolis’ off-kilter humour and unique visuals add perfectly to the mix, making it the perfect companion game for Dark Souls fans and a great addition to our game portfolio.

The desire to deliver consistent quality has meant that the developers have shifted their initial PC release date from the 17th of March, to a combined console and PC release later on this summer.

Necropolis will see you battle as a nameless adventurer, attempting to escape a living, magical dungeon that reconstructs itself each time you play. There really is only one way out. Down. Along the way you’ll craft, equip, explore and fight to stay breathing as you delve deeper and face the ever-greater threats in the twisting halls and endless chasms.

Look out for a release date announcement for Necropolis in the near future.

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