The Oni is revealed in For Honor


Oni, they’re a kind of ghost or spirit from Japanese folklore. They’re popular characters in Japanese art, literature and theatre. They’re often depicted as formidable warriors, which is a good thing, as Ubisoft’s upcoming third person hack and slash combat game, For Honor has just revealed the Oni as a character.

The Oni is the first revealed Hero in the Chosen faction, with Warborn and Legions still to be teased. Clad in leather and wood, the Oni is a skilled duelist, relying on his speed and weapon mastery to slay his enemies.

As a special ability, the Oni will lay poison on his Katana, throw a kunai or unleash an arrow storm for maximum devastation.

For Honor will mix speed, strategy and and team play with close range combat in multiplayer action.

Check out the Oni in action below. For Honor is heading to Xbox One in 2016.


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