The Splatters – Coming Next Week on XBLA

SpikySnail Games, a creative indie game development studio, today confirmed rumors that The Splatters will be coming to the Xbox LIVE Arcade on April 11th. The game will be available for 800 points and deliver unlimited replayability as seen in the company’s newest trailer highlighting the games 69 levels of fun as shown below.

“The Splatters is coming in a few weeks and our years of development work have resulted in a game we’re really proud to offer on XBLA as the first of many unique SpikySnail titles,” said Sagi Koren, co-founder of SpikySnail. “We’re prepping the final aspects of the game so players can get in and start setting new records in the game on launch day.”

The Splatters is a one of a kind physics-driven puzzler where you control liquid-filled creatures with one purpose in life – to go out with style. The unique physics gameplay allows almost endless possibilities to finish a level and as players gain in skill, their creativity shines in every move they make.

Check out the trailer below:

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