The Splatters Drops To Half Price Before Summer of Arcade

SpikySnail Games has today announced that The Splatters will be kicking off summer in style as the price drops from 800 points to 400 points from July 10th-16th, just before the Summer of Arcade kicks off.

The innovative physics-based action puzzle game has found a very supportive fan base on XBLA, the game’s first platform. The Splatters delivers unlimited replayability across 69 levels and three game modes.

“The Splatters is twice as nice at half the price,” said Sagi Koren, co-founder of SpikySnail. “The reception on XBLA has been encouraging and we’re hoping that doing a price drop really gets players to pick up the game. It’s a great title to kick off summer on Xbox LIVE Arcade!”

We rated The Splatters 8/10 in our review:

“…The Splatters is a great addition to the arcade, it will almost certainly be too quirky for some or too samey for others but if what you seek is a challenging and brilliantly realised puzzler with a huge heap of fun thrown in, then look no further, The Splatters are here for you. Just make sure you wear old clothes, it’s going to get messy…”

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