The Walking Dead are set to become Escapists


Hands up, who loves a bit of The Walking Dead? OK, who loves The Escapists and I’m looking at you, Rich.

Well, Team 17 have teamed up with Skybound Entertainment, featuring those folk from The Walking Dead, to create The Escapists: The Walking Dead.

Play as Rick Grimes, in The Escapists’ own 8-bit graphical style as he strives to lead his band of the living, surviving against a horde of undead. The storyline follows many of the original comic book cast. He must secure a safe route out of each area and complete tasks to secure the safety of as many of the group as possible.

The game will also follow the timeline of the comic books, so the locations will mirror the comics too.

The Escapists: The Walking Dead is due out late this summer on Xbox One. Do we have a zombie-filled trailer? You can bet your torn, blood-stained jeans we do.