The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Gets Dated, Screenshots & Trailer

Walkind Dead Survival Instinct - Banner

From Telltale to Activision. Activision and Terminal Reality come out of the first-person shooter box with some mighty big shoes to fill. Last year’s The Walking Dead by Telltale Games based on the comic series by Robert Kirkman, was a commercial success. This year, Activision will attempt to emulate that success by basing their iteration on AMC’s popular and really quite brilliant TV show.

Activision has confirmed that their “first-person action survival” game will be released in North America on March 26th, mere days before the finale of season 3. The game will be released March 29th around Europe.

Players will assume the role of huge fan-favourite from the show Daryl Dixon (voiced by Norman Reedus from the hit-show), alongside his rough around the edges brother Merle Dixon (voiced by co-star Michael Rooker). Together they will hack, slash, hide, and cross…bow across Georgia’s countryside on their way into Atlanta and season 1 of the hit-show.

This is said to be a survival game at its truest form, as resources are as rare as they are in the show. It seems as though you may be able to choose your path much like Dishonored. This example was given:

Players will need to tread carefully throughout this grim adventure, as resources are scarce and hope even scarcer. From scrounging for weapons, food and water to surviving encounters with the undead and the living, gamers will have to use their wits to stay alive in this terrifying, post-apocalyptic world. Do you risk using stealth to go in close for a quiet kill, attack from a distance and hazard attracting a swarm of walkers, or avoid the battle and live to fight another day? Helping survivors can bring benefits — but can you afford to trust everyone you meet? Every path, every action, every choice has a consequence. At the end of the world, no place is truly safe.”

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Again, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will hit store shelves on March 26th in North America and March 29th around Europe.