The Witcher 3 suffers a further delay

Witcher 3

The Board of CD Projekt SA has taken to the internet to provide an open letter to fans explaining the state of The Witcher 3 and to apologise for their over ambition. It seems the project is certainly a huge task and even though the team are confident in their ability, they don’t want to release something they aren’t 100% happy with.

Now, before you take to your favourite social media outlet to convey your dismay in yet another delay to what’s shaping up to be one of the hottest RPGs of this generation, let me remind you that a broken game can cause more damage than getting it out to retail as proposed – anyone remember Assassin’s Creed Unity’s rocky launch! Ok, so you can patch a game post release but in a culture where it seems acceptable to release a broken game with the view to patching it, CD Projekt should be applauded for their honesty and willingness to get the game to a state that everyone can be proud.

Good luck guys and let’s hope the new date is when we will finally get our greasy hands on this awesome looking game. For now guys pencil in May 19th, 2015.

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