There’s a Blacksea Odyssey coming soon


I always get a little tingle of excitement when I see a developer or publisher who’s been around for a while suddenly pop up from the depths. Mastertronic is a name that I’ve associated with gaming since I was but a boy and the Amstrad CPC and Sinclair Spectrum series machines were the arguable kings of the home gaming market. They produced some cracking titles at the time and today they’ve surfaced with a top-down shoot’em-up straight out of that ’80s lounge.

Blacksea Odyssey is all about hunting giant space creatures as you try to win the deadliest competition in the galaxy. You play as the cybernetic Old Man capturing bounties, striving against 3 other hunters to become the sole champion of this competition, trying to win the honour of encountering the Titan of the Stars.

The game will feature rougue-like elements including permadeath and procedurally generated levels. Developers, Team Blacksea Odyssey also warn us that it will have a steep dufficulty curve too. Hunt massive creatures that will fill over five times the size of the screen, build and customise with over a million rune builds available to the player to hunt as they please. The environment will also be fully destructable, making for some dynamic combat. You’ll also have a harpoon, allowing you to rip enemies apart at will.

Blacksea Odyssey will be coming to Xbox One in spring 2016.

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