This Is Xbox Covering E3 2012 News

With This is Xbox (TiX) being an Xbox gaming website, you’re probably thinking it’s pretty obvious that we are going to cover all the news of this years E3 2012 event that is happening  from Tuesday, June 5th to June 7th, 2012? – Well last year we didn’t cover it much at all other than Microsoft’s own Press Conference… so we will make up for this year.

For anyone who is still reading from remembering us last year, we were targetted badly by spam bots and it destroyed the older website running an older CMS system last June. Having rebuilt, restructured and now well protected, we want to go full force at this years E3 2012 as it could be the announcement of a new Xbox console, or at best the last big E3 for the current 360 console – so what better way than to keep you informed of absolutely everything! Assuming of course you only want to read about the Xbox 360 console, when I say “everything” I didn’t really mean EVERYTHING – just Xbox!

As part of the Xbox Community Network in Europe (XCN) we could be provided with exclusive materials to share with you leading up to the event and during the event – screenshots, trailers, press releases – as we’re heading out of March, June is just around the corner… E3 2012 will be here before you know it – and gaming communities are already pre-planning their coverage of content – including ourselves!

Tonight we’re popping out the champagne, opening the chocolates and passing round the nibbles as we congregate and open a whole new category on the website dedicated to E3… and as we  cut our virtual ribbon, take a bow – we shall name this new category … E3

…someone light the fireworks!

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