Windows Phone 8 News App – Out Now

thisisxbox on windows phone

In our efforts to branch out and support the amazing amount of users who visit via our mobile site ( we also decided to create an App for Windows Phone 8 – and this is now available from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

We call this out ‘little effort’ because Version 1.0 was designed as a learning process, to get the headlines out there quicker than loading up and searching for us on your mobile Internet Explorer, and it enabled us to get to know the certification processes for App development with Microsoft. Version 1 can be downloaded right now by searching for THISISXBOX NEWS on your Windows Phone 8, or by visiting the link below.

If the UK is not your locale, then you will be encouraged to click a button to get the app in your own location. The app relies on data from our feeds and content might be unavailable during server down time or maintenance. Please note that a cleaner, crisper, smoother, better metro version 2.0 is already in planning stages for a Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 launch in the new year as an update and we do not receive any identifiable information from this app.

Obviously if you are already reading this on your ThisisXbox News app – thank you for downloading it!!

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