THQ Nordic has picked Lock’s Quest for Xbox One

Lock's Quest

THQ Nordic hqave an internal game plan. They have given it the acronym, MAP. This is their Meaningful Asset Program. The newest entry to MAP is the 2008 Nintendo DS title, Lock’s Quest. What this means for Lock’s Quest, is that it’s getting a remaster for Xbox One.

The original title is a Zelda-feel adventure which sees Lock, a boy, who stumbles upon an invasion of his village. This triggers a wider war between Kingdom Force and a revived Clockwork Army. This ancient automaton army is led by the nefarious Lord Agony. A gripping story unfolds as you progress through 75 days of warfare. This is set across a backdrop of a dozen unique maps and aided by a collection of turrets, traps and special attacks. Experience the game as it was originally meant to be, with a high-quality soundtrack, revised gameplay and high-resolution portraits.

In Lock’s Quest you’ll need to place Kingdom Force units to defend your capitol in a brand new Endless Mode addition to the original story mode, called Antonia Defense. Build up your fortifications each day to defend against a timed Clockwork assault. Use dozens of the available turrets, helpers and traps to stop the invading army. You’ll need to adapt your strategy as you go along, as you access new materials and also as the enemy learns your tactics.

You’ll also be able to fight alongside your defences using Special and Super Attacks which have the ability to affect a wide range of enemies. Ultimately, unlock the secrets of Kingdom Force and the Archineers via an engrossing story with a multi-character cast.

Developer, Digital Continue have had to tread a fine line between keeping the original feel and core to the game whilst revamping the UI, controls, music and adding a new progression system.

Digital Continue’s Co-Founder and CEO, Joseph M Tringali;

I always felt Lock’s Quest deserved a multi-platform release, and it’s exciting to help that vision come to pass all these years later. The incredible pixel style translates well to console, and we were fortunate to include many high-resolution assets that weren’t in the original. It was great to work with a partner like THQ Nordic, who understands and respects the creative process, and was dedicated to both preserving and enhancing this fan favourite.

Lock’s Quest will be heading to Xbox One in April this year.

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