Thrustmaster reveal the Y-350x DOOM headset

Thrustmaster reveal the Y-350x DOOM headset

Thrustmaster Y-350X D all

With the imminent release of the Xbox One version of the legendary DOOM, gaming accessory giants, Thrustmaster, have released some information on not one, but two new liveried headsets. The recently released, and reviewed, Y-300CPX, gets a make-over from it’s clinical white. It will be released on the 13th of May for around $59.99.

The star of this release would have to be the DOOM Edition of the Y-350x headset, however. The daddy of the range, the Y-350x boasts 60mm drivers. These are the most powerful to date, on console headsets. Combine this with Bass Boost and the gamer will experience the full range and intensity of combat. The earpieces are large in design too, to enhance the bass and power. The cups will also provide the ultimate in comfort and sound isolation thanks to the memory foam earpads.

As if that wasn’t enough, Thrustmaster have allied with AM3D technology to provide 7.1 Virtual Sound on a level that’s rarely been heard for this price point. This should allow you to pinpoint opponents and plan your moves accordingly.

The frequency response range has also been worked on by the manufacturer. It has been optimised in an anechoic chamber. The aim of this was to let users experience a gaming environment with incredibly vivid bass response, while at the same time allowing them to understand the hostile DOOM world using the spacialisation provided by the 7.1 Surround.

As with the Y-300CPX, the microphone for the Y-350x is unidirectional, adjustable and detachable. The new headset comes with a couple more key advantages though.

The Y-Sound Commander, when used with the Xbox One controller, will provide a handy one-stop shop for all volume, bass, chat and 7.1 sound controls. These are positioned to be right at your fingertips, giving a unique feature in the category. The backlit real-time indicators also provide instant status overviews allowing you more time to play instead of fiddling with your settings.

The Y-Power Pack has been designed with gamers in mind. This provides power to your headset so that it doesn’t run down your controller batteries and interrupt your gaming experience. This even allows gamers to play and charge the headset at the same time, giving you no excuses for not keeping the fight going.

The Thrustmaster Y-350x DOOM Edition headset will be available from the 13th of May for a suggested retail price of $149.99 or your local currency equivalent. Check out it’s awesomeness below.