Ticket to Ride takes a journey to PS4 PlayLink

Ticket to Ride has already seen a release on console, with the Xbox 360 getting a version back in 2008. Now, with the help of Asmodee Digital, Ticket to Ride is heading to PlayStation 4.

The move will see the digitised version of the popular tabletop game make full use of the console’s PlayLink initiative, with a release date of “later this year”. Using PlayLink, each connected player will be able to interact with the board via their phones, thereby keeping all their cards in their hand rather than visible to all who are curently playing in couch co-op.

“Digital board games are a natural fit for Sony PlayLink, and bring the tradition of board game nights to PlayStation gamers,” Pierre Ortolan, Asmodee Digital’s CEO, said. “By casting the game to a phone screen, players can hide their hands and plan their moves without revealing everything to their opponents. PlayLink allows us re-create the traditional board game experience while keeping the benefits of playing digitally. We are honored to have partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment and look forward to sharing ‘Ticket to Ride’ with PlayStation gamers.”

Hopefully if this goes smoothly then another of Asmodee Digital’s titles might also get the PS4 treatment – Catan VR was released for PC earlier this year and boy would I like to see that head to PSVR.

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