Time is running out for Evolve #StageUp

What lies in Evolve’s future? The answer to that could be unveiled later today as the timer that recently appeared on the game’s official website expires at 17:00 BST.

Evolve launched to quite the mixed reception – In Greg’s review he felt that:

Evolve is quite the Marmite game, personally I love it but I know many people who really don’t. It looks amazing, the level designs are superb, although you could argue that there isn’t enough colour in the game’s level palette. The sound design is awesome and I highly recommend you have a surround sound headset to get the most from it. Some of the modes need tweaking slightly as do some of the weapon power – I’m looking at you Rich – that Rail gun is devastating in the right hands.

Dave and I had a blast stalking the monster but ultimately it failed to hold our attention after the honeymoon period – that said – I have high hopes that if Evolve 2 is announced, Turtle Rock will implement enough nips and tucks to make the ultimate online monster stalking game.

So what do you want? Co-op monsters versus a larger team? A story mode? How about build-a-monster? We will know soon enough…

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