Tiny Troopers Joint Ops dated for Xbox One

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops dated for Xbox One


I remember the first time I saw a trailer for Tiny Troopers Joint Ops. In my mind, I was screaming, “Please let it be like Cannon Fodder”. Happily, it looks to be a modern version of the Amiga classic title although it was initially only slated for a different, inferior console. Until now.

Wired Productions have announced today that Tiny Troopers Joint Ops is coming to Xbox One and it’ll have some exclusive content. Developed for the One by Epiphany Games, Tiny Troopers will feature four brand new Zombie Wave maps, an all new soundtrack and an Ultra Hard Mode for those who like their shooters near-impossible.

So, what else can we expect from this twin-stick shooter? Over 60 action-packed mini-maps of mayhem, Zombie Survival Mode and three specialist mercenary recruits to acquire and equip; Medics, Machine Gunners and Elite Delta Force.

So, when can you expect to be seeing Tiny Troopers Joint Ops on your shiny Xbox One? It’s scheduled to launch on the 26th of February.

Here’s the announcement trailer from way back in September 2014.