Titanfall – Beta Sign up Site Now Live, Codes to be Issued from Feb 14th



Overnight Respawn Entertainment finally opened up access to the Titanfall Beta sign up part of the Titanfall website and sign ups are now being accepted. The site went live at 1am GMT but luckily, the codes are not being issued on a first come first serve basis and you can register anytime between now and Monday the 17th of February with actual Beta access codes for both Xbox One and PC, starting to be distributed from Friday February 14th.

As you can imagine, fans hyped for Titanfall are flocking to the beta sign up site, so some registration issues have been acknowledged but there is still time to sign up and try to get a code to Xbox One’s biggest game release since its launch in November.

Sadly, those Xbox 360 fans of Titanfall will not be taking part in this Beta process as it is only for Xbox One and PC, and with its announcement last week of having its release delayed by two weeks so that Bluepoint Games, who are tasked with bringing Titanfall to the Xbox 360, make final tweeks and fine tuning for its release.

So what are you waiting for Xbox One gamers, time to sign up and see if you can get notification, that Titanfall is incoming! Good Luck

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