Titanfall on Xbox360 Requires 1GB HDD

titanfall 360

Titanfall has been out for PC and Xbox One for some weeks now and proving to be a popular online multiplayer game from Respawn Entertainment. The Xbox360 Edition of Titanfall under development from BluePoint Games will hit retail next week on April 8th, but those who have been sold an early copy state the game requires 1GB of HDD install space if you have a hard-drive attached to the console.

Despite early copies of Titanfall on Xbox360 being sold, the game as per the PC and Xbox One version is online only and the Xbox360 servers will not be switched on until launch day as already detailed from publisher EA Games.

ThisisXbox scored Titanfall 96% in our review:

Maps within Titanfall vary in size, but all are exceptionally larger than what you are likely used to in other team vs team based multiplayer games and offer more verticality and areas to explore than any other multiplayer game I have played. Titanfall lacks destructible environments, but feature interactive elements such as Heavy Turrets and Zip lines which can be used to gain advantages. As a futuristic shooter, all maps are sci-fi themed in a world where technology is advanced, but not all that futuristic on the terrains where deserts, ice and grassy environments still exist to vary the look and atmosphere within each map. Desert wastelands, Corporate Office blocks, research facilities and war-torn cities are just some of the environments you’ll fight out your war in Titanfall.

Titanfall on Xbox360 will be released from April 8th 2014. Better still sell your Xbox360 and grab yourself a Titanfall Xbox One bundle from £399.99

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