Titanfall UK Launch Party



It was finally almost here. Titanfall was released in the UK and Europe today and Microsoft decided to throw a launch party as the hours counted down to midnight as thousands of Xbox gamers queued up to collect Titanfall for the Xbox One. TiX was kindly invited to attend and share in the celebration as Hammond Robotics hosted the event which saw the best and brightest in the video games industry playing Titanfall alongside a whole smorgasbord of celebrity names.

To kick off the event, Hammond Robotics welcomed us to the party and kindly directed us to where we could find refreshments in terms of the bar and the burrito food van outside, which was very….very popular by all during the night. Of course next to the main highlight of the Titanfall release itself, before hand some bragging rights would have to be decided as Xbox UK’s very own Graeme Boyd aka Aceybongos was set to do battle against EA UK’s very own Dan Sheridan aka EA_Action Man, in which was titled so perfectly as #Titanbrawl.



This was a climatic battle where Team Acey would take on Team Action Man in 6 Vs 6 Titanfall mayhem and carnage with the bragging rights forever belonging to the winning team. With Graeme still reeling from the loss to Xbox US’ Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb with Battlefield 4, you could see in his eyes that he meant business. Titanbrawl also put to good use the new improved Twitch App on Xbox One, as both Graeme and Dan streamed their teams during the battle for those watching the action from home. The party was fixed on the war as Titans clashed with Titans and Pilots free ran across maps looking for that epic final kill to being their team victory.

WP_20140313_021 (1)

After many battles Graeme managed to take the contest and marks his first big victory. Winning with a score of 340 – 218, Team Acey went home with all the bragging rights going to Graeme. I can already seeing this win as inspiration to take the fight over to Major Nelson and his team..can only be a matter of time. The contest really showed the competitive action that Titanfall brings the Xbox One and the FPS genre on the whole. Fast paced and with huge big match moments, combined with Twitch streaming for the first time, Titanfall is going to have a huge impact going forward.

The party was in full swing by now, with displays of Wall running from the two Titanfall Pilots making everyone stop what they were doing to witness their show and with celebs like Johnathon Ross, Professor Green, John Newman and others including the still kind of baffling presence of several TOWIE stars, the night was edging ever closer to the official release of Titanfall.

Party goers got the chance to have hands on time with the game as well with plenty of stations set up for trainee Pilots to earn their license ahead of launch. The buzz for the game was vibrant with such a positive reaction to its online action that I have not seen for a game since the days of HALO 2 and 3. Titanfall has had such a natural hype, built from those who have played it at Game expos and from the successful beta last month that it is the perfect game to help Microsoft almost relaunch the Xbox One with its UK Exclusive price drop, system updates and new range in official headsets now available for the Xbox One, there really is no better time to get your hands on an Xbox One with Titanfall.

As the party finally drew to an end and the music stopped, everyone was ready to head home and start playing Titanfall. It was an awesome launch event to get everyone ready for the first real heavy hitting game title for the Xbox One since its launch. Everyone drank well, ate well and went home just buzzing for the potential of Titanfall and the Xbox One going forward.



Everything is indeed better with a Titan…but it takes the amazing Xbox UK team to show a Titan a good time!

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