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You can sponsor Dave here!

As you may or may not know Dave is a very proud ambassador for SpecialEffect, in fact TiX are very proud to support SpecialEffect too.

SpecialEffect, if you don’t know already are an incredible charity that work wonders for people who can’t play games as easily as the rest of us.

Meet Tom for example:

We love to help SpecialEffect whenever we can, this mostly means making me run! So far I’ve run the British 10K twice, The Oxford Half Marathon, The Silverstone Half Marathon, London Marathon & The Brighton Marathon.

At the British 10K a big team of runners get together to represent the charity, sometimes dressed as games characters. Thanks to the wonderful people at Morph Costumes this year Dave will be running as…

Deadpool! The ultimate anti-hero, but secretly we all love him, a bit like the villains below…


Here at MorphCostumes, we’ve watched more than our fair share of superhero movies. And whilst we’re always generally rooting for the good guy, we quite often end up carrying a torch for the baddie too. Is it just us? Or are some villains just hard to resist? Because of their looks, maybe? Their emotional backstory? A particularly good script? Or maybe all three? Whatever it is, some bad guys and girls are utterly loveable. Check out our list of some of the charismatic movie villains it’s really hard to hate…(and see if you agree..?)

If you are looking for video game related costumes the Morph Costumes are the place to go!

Dave is the co-owner of TIX - When the site breaks, it's his fault! You'll find him playing a lot of FIFA and removing heads with ease on Gears of War with the longshot...

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