TiX Podcast S1E1 E3 2017

E3 Features Podcast

Welcome to the new This is Xbox Podcast.

Join Greg Giddens, Damien Ashley and Adrian Garlike for a new season of the This is Xbox Podcast.

This episode is the first in a new format for the TiX Podcast. After a 9 month break, Greg is back with a new co-host, Damien, to discuss E3 2017, with TiX staff writer Adrian Garlike joining as a guest.

Podcast music by Bangmaid
Produced by James Gill

Some say Greg isn’t one person but a group of many people posting under the pseudonym “Greg”. No one knows for sure but either way, as long as he continues to fight the good fight of reviewing games, then we will always consider him a hero.


  1. TiX Podcast S1E1 E3 2017?

    Surely this is Season 2 or even 3 if you count the departure of Neale as S1?

  2. Ah, scratch that I see what your thinking is in the ‘seasons’ format

  3. Looking forward to EA & Microsoft! So much so that I’m going to both of their FanFests! I’ve been very impressed with EA the past few years, even though they do have a lot of annual titles (that I’m not as into). They have put out many games that are just fun to play, and they’ve made a lot of great announcements and features, such as EA Access and some of their multiplayer titles having free DLC. But of course I’ll be in Los Angeles primarily to see what Microsoft has up their sleeves. Leaving for my flight in a few hours actually!

  4. ooh… there’s going to be new Borderlands at E3? that I want to see! 🙂

  5. Great to have the show back guys, keep it up. Must say this has really got me excited for E3! Hoping to see something for Forza 7 and a new Fable game would be cool. Also want to see some action from new AC game

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