TiX takes a look at the Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition

I’ve not seen a special edition cause as much of a stir as the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition has, at least not for a while anyway. From the limited number available, the special extras for being one of the first 10,000, to what the Pip-Boy Edition actually has in it. There was website crashes, order issues and delivery problems surrounding it. So it almost begs the question. Was it really worth it?

PipBoyf4 (9)

I love that the Pip-Boy came in its own capsule case. It so could easily have been put in a big see through plastic box.
There was just a simple plastic sheaf over the top of it with all the usual back of box gubbins, by the way. Opening the big plastic box you get the steel book edition, a Pip-Boy manual, and of course, the Pip-Boy and stand itself. There’s supposed to be a perk poster as well, but I’ve been too busy with the rest of the stuff to figure out where it is.

I found it a bit of a kerfuffle getting my phone into the holder. But once it was in, it looked pretty sweet. The buttons and dials all move and click, by the way. Obviously, they don’t affect the phone. You need to use the touch screen for that. I still found it a nice extra. They could easily have been static.

PipBoyf4 (2)

Even the manual is great. Half of it actual instructions for how to fit your phone, half in game. Check out the images below.

So, was it worth it? I suppose this will boil down to whether or not you like collecting things. My purchase wasn’t without issue. I spent a good hour on hold when I first pre-ordered due to confusion with my purchase. I watched as my Twitter and Facebook feeds filled with people whose orders had gone wrong. Was it worth it? For me, hell yes. I like my special editions and this one, while it did have its issues, has been worth it to me. It’s a lovely looking bit of kit, box it came in included. I will admit, it can feel a little delicate and I do feel like I might break it if I’m not careful.

I probably won’t be putting my phone back in it or wearing it on my wrist anytime soon, but saying that, I didn’t buy it to wear it. Once I get a space for it, it can sit proudly on my side. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a town to build and a Wasteland to explore.

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