TiX Teasers for 2018 – Deep Rock Galactic, Steel Rats and The Story Goes On

So, 2017 is nearing a close, all the big titles have been released, played (nearly) and most people have their GOTY lists pretty much decided. But in just a few weeks 2018 will be here, and it will usher along a whole new list of games all vying for your well earned cash to be spent on them. We know some of the titles on the way, but what of those smaller, high quality, indie titles? Well, here at TiX we will be keeping you informed of the new shiny stuff heading your way!

First off, from developer Ghost Ship Games is Deep Rock Galactic. This is a Dwarven mining co-op shooter (I have never written those words together before), that takes up to 4 players through perilous procedurally generated caves in search of valuable minerals for corporate overlords Deep Rock Galactic. Players take up arms as one of four classes of badass dwarven miners, each with their own invaluable set of skills. Published by Coffee Stain Publishing this will be released on Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access in Q1 2018.

Following closely behind those Dwarves we have Steel Rats. This a visceral and ground-breaking evolution of the 2.5D action arcade genre, fusing destructive, octane-fuelled motorbike combat and death-defying stunt gameplay, set in a visually stylised diesel punk world. Become one with your bike as you master the realistic physics based controls of these powerful and deadly vehicles. Steel Rats is developed and published by Tate Multimedia and is planned for release in the summer on PS, PS4 and Xbox One.

Last for now is The Story Goes On which is a dynamic puzzle, hack ‘n’ slash adventure set in the unfinished storybook of a crazed author. The game is truly adaptive in that it allows you to complete each challenge at your own pace, and includes a soundtrack that changes based on how you play in its randomly generated environments, offering each player their own unique experience. Developed by Scarecrow Arts and published by Kiss Publishing, The Story Goes On will be available on Xbox and PC in Q1 2018.

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