TiX’s GOTY 2017

TiX’s GOTY 2017

Ever since TiX went multiplatform this year, it was clear that one game would shoot right into some of the teams GOTY lists for 2017.

I mentioned in my nominations that the chances are this would have been close to the top of my list, but having not finished the game it was unfair to include it, but enough of the team have therefore the winner of the TiX GOTY 2017 is…

Horizon Zero Dawn!

Both John and Simon had it as their GOTY of the year, I had it in my ‘If I had finished it, it probably would have been GOTY’ plus its still a game the team have been really excited about since it’s release at the start of they year. It was pretty much the reason I bought a PS4.

Here is what John had to say:

I am not sure what to say about Guerrilla Games’ smash-hit. I am serious…. Just buy it, play it. Love it. Play it again. Then go online, talk about it with rabid fans; discover parts you missed. Go back. Play it again. Then write about it on a GOTY list.

While Simon said:

Could it be anything else? The clear, clear winner for me this year. I was going to sell my PS4 earlier in the year. I just never used it and it’s odd blue colour (Uncharted version) looks a bit weird on my shelf. However, I saw an add for this game and decided to give it a go before taking that trip to CEX.

Holy crap! What a game. There isn’t one single thing about this game I do not like. The story is fascinating and rewarding, the characters are brilliant. The game play. it’s stunning looks, also, not a micro transaction or loot box in sight!

Robot dinosaurs!

I love this game! This is going to be a game I play once a year, just to play it through again and again. I’m going to end up keeping my Playstation just for this franchise alone and I am happy with that! Seriously, if you don’t have this game, you are missing out.

So there you have it, congrats Guerrilla Games!