ToeJam & Earl Achievements Must Mean The Game is Coming To XBLA – Finally

Exactly three years ago to the date almost, I first reported that ToeJam & Earl was heading for the Xbox LIVE Arcade as it was voted a clear winning title in a SEGA poll of what game to release next…

SEGA Quoted in 2009:

The fans have spoken, and now it’s time to welcome ToeJam & Earl to the next level as it joins our other SEGA Classics on XBLA! In honour of the 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis, and because you demanded it, look for this fan favourite to release on Xbox Live soon.

Today, Achievements for the game has appeared on Xbox360Achievements under the title of another “Sega Vintage Collection” that confirms Toejam and Earl is definitely heading to the Xbox LIVE Arcade soon!

No official word has been received from SEGA about the pending release, but confirmed Achievements are a good enough reason to start getting excited – it may be three years later than first expected, but as soon as a confirmed date is set, we’ll keep you posted.

Via X360A

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