Tom Clancy’s The Division gets a companion book

Tom Clancy’s The Division gets a companion book

Tom Clancy’s The Division is due for release on March 8th next year, and TiX towers are all a buzz with the prospects of exploring a dilapidated New York and working together to survive and thrive in this new society. A couple of us are even pre-planning acts of betrayal, or perhaps that’s just me, either way we’re getting pretty excited about it. And it seems our anticipation can’t just be left alone to stew, as Ubisoft reveal a companion book that will be releasing alongside the game.

New York Collapse, written by author Alex Irvine, will include handwritten notes and accounts from a lone survivor investigating the cause of the collapse, and tips for surviving in this harsh new world, including how to catch game from city parks for food. Moreover, the book will help you uncover some of the game’s secrets and will also contain some removable artifacts to further explain the lone survivor’s story and experiences, these will include a full-city map as well as a used transit card.

Division book

Part strategy guide, part narrative and part superbly immersive companion, New York Collapse sounds like a neat and interesting way to spread the experience over multiple mediums. We’re intrigued and salivating even more for The Division’s release next year.

See more from author Alex Irvine at his official website. New York Collapse is currently available for pre-order in the US through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chronicle Books, and in the UK through Amazon.